WWF seeks a Biodiversity and Policy Manager - H&M Group and WWF Partnership

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World Wide Fund for Nature

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Stockholm, Sweden

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4 days ago

The WWF and H&M Group Partnership includes workstreams on climate, freshwater, biodiversity and policy engagement.

The biodiversity workstream contributes to H&M Group’s ambition to become a biodiversity positive company. It entails collaboration on the development of H&M Group’s biodiversity strategy, rollout of supply chain initiatives to reduce biodiversity impact and support for proposal development and grant management for specific implementation projects in key landscapes (particularly in India, South Africa and Indonesia).

The policy engagement workstream includes collaborative efforts between H&M Group and WWF to positively contribute to global, regional and key national policy processes that are necessary to achieve a climate and nature positive future.

The Biodiversity and Policy Manager in the partnership is responsible for the delivery of these two workstreams.

Responsibilities and Deliverables

The Biodiversity and Policy Manager provides technical inputs on the development and implementation of H&M Group’s biodiversity strategy and on joint policy position development and engagement.

Within the Biodiversity component of the position the role includes responsibility for inputting to H&M Group’s unfolding biodiversity strategy based on expert insight and on ongoing scanning of new initiatives such as the SBTN and TNFD and on emerging WWF network initiatives such as the Biodiversity Stewardship Programme. This work on strategy development is underpinned by concrete examples of H&M Group and WWF projects withing key landscapes, particularly in India, South Africa and Indonesia, and the role therefore includes responsibility for close collaboration with WWF offices in these and other countries to manage funding for implementation work. This entails project management, grant management, proposal development and careful relationship management with understanding for the unique context of the countries the work takes place in. Furthermore the position has to contribute to the development of WWF network thinking on biodiversity and corporate partnerships, including through the Biodiversity Stewardship Programme.

Within the Policy component of the position the role includes responsibility for tracking key international (UNFCCC and UN CBD) and regional (EU) policy developments related to climate change and biodiversity and identifying how H&M Group can contribute to leadership in this regard. This entails responsibilities such as joint position development, identifying and securing key speaking and other opportunities, briefing H&M Group speakers, coordinating and leading events and directly engaging with policy makers. This requires significant understanding of the UNFCCC and CBD processes and deep professional networks with organisations including Business for Nature, WBCSD, Capitals coalition and the World Economic Forum.

The role requires a balance of a strong collaborative approach to build on and contribute to the WWF network strengths but also innovation and leadership to work with H&M Group to play a leading role ahead of where other companies and partnerships are.

Your duties will include to:
  • Track developing knowledge of corporate biodiversity strategies through initiatives like the SBTN, TFND, the UN CBD and the WWF Biodiversity Stewardship Programme and use this, combined with personal experience and expertise, to advise H&M Group on the development of its biodiversity strategy.
  • Identification and coordination of engagement in supply chain and landscape level projects that relate to the H&M Group and WWF partnership to reduce biodiversity impact.
  • Close collaboration with, and support for, WWF offices in the development and implementation of field projects in South Africa, India, Cambodia and Indonesia, funded by the H&M Group and WWF partnership to help reduce the loss of biodiversity in areas affected by the H&M Group value chain and, where possible, to have a regenerative or restorative effect on nature. This will also include responsibility to work with WWF offices on the design and delivery of the implementation projects against funding agreements.
  • Develop and implement a policy engagement strategy for the H&M Group and WWF partnership on biodiversity and climate in collaboration with the relevant WWF offices, H&M Group and the partnerships teams of WWF Sweden and International.
  • Tracking international and regional climate change and biodiversity policy development related to the UNFCCC and UN CB to identify opportunities for H&M Group and WWF to work together on corporate leadership for a nature positive future, including specifically through the structure of Business for Nature.
  • Coordination of H&M Group, WWF and other potential partners’ joint positions on key policy debates within the UNFCCC, the UN CBD and in European policy and development and implementation of joint policy engagement plans with other partners and corporates.
  • Creating and coordinating opportunities for H&M and WWF, in collaboration with other partners, to play a convening role for corporate action on biodiversity and to convey support for ambitious policy outcomes.
  • Working with the WWF network and international partners to secure key engagement opportunities for the H&M Group to advance corporate and government action on biodiversity including at opportunities such as the UNFCCC COPs, the UN CBD COPs, World Economic Forum events etc.
  • Support H&M Group on how to monitor and report the results that are achieved through policy engagement activities, and work closely with the partnership manager, stream managers and the communication teams to effectively showcase the activities and results to help inspire and drive wider action.
  • Develop materials and scenarios to be showcased both within WWF and to other corporates to stimulate more ambitious action.
To fit into the role, we would like you to have the following background:

  • Proven and relevant professional experience in NGO and corporate partnerships particularly in biodiversity and climate issues.
  • Direct experience in grant management for implementing offices for an international NGO, including specifically in India and South Africa, and ideally also in Indonesia and Cambodia.
  • Direct experience of corporate engagement, leadership and advocacy in collaborative platforms or coalitions specifically through Business for Nature, the Science Based Targets Network and/or the Science Based Targets initiative ...