Policy, Governance, and Partnerships Specialist

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Location: Willing to be based in Occidental Mindoro with frequent travels to Lagonoy Gulf and Manila

Duration: A 3-year program until December 2024 with the possibility of extension for the duration of the project dependent upon the performance.

Supervision: Technical Operation Manager with guidance by the Overall Project Manager

Accountable to: WWF-Philippines

Reports to: WWF-Germany and WWF-Philippines

Works with:

  • Internal: WWF Policy Officer, Project Coordination Team, Project Steering Committee, and Advisory Board composed of all implementing partners;
  • External: International or local consultants, private partners, tuna retailers, tuna exporters, local traders and fishermen in project sites, relevant local government units, and national agencies in the Philippines (DA-BFAR, DA-PCAF, NAPC, NFARMC, NTIC, DTI, DOLE, DSWD, DOST, and DILG), Other Civil Society Organizations working on sustainable fisheries, academes, research institutions as well as financial institutions.


Since 2011, WWF Philippines, in cooperation with WWF-Germany, has implemented projects to make tuna production by small-scale handline fishers in Lagonoy Gulf and Mindoro Strait areas more sustainable and to improve fishers’ livelihoods. In 2017, these efforts have been carried over into a multi-stakeholder / multi-actor partnership (henceforth MAP) process to connect the diverse stakeholders along the value chain and at local, sub-national, and national decision-making levels. In this follow-up phase of the Sustainable Tuna Partnership (STP), the scope shall be broadened to include aspects of tuna stock management at regional level through the responsible Regional Fisheries Managment Organization, the Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Commission (WCPFC) to improve compliance with regulations to ensure sustainable management of this economically important resource, while maintaining relevant aspects of the former project that targets to enhance the human well-being of small-scale tuna fishing households in Lagonoy Gulf and Mindoro Strait and sustaining the yellowfin tuna stock in Western and Central Pacific waters at healthy levels in the long-term. WWF seeks to engage strategic member states of the WCPFC to support and push for harvest strategies, specifically the Philippines, Indonesia, and China, working with partners and WWF offices and partners in these countries.


The direct target group of the project consists of 4 groups: 500 members of fishing households to be trained in family disaster preparedness (80% of which will be women); the 2,500 members of the Tuna Fishers Associations (TFAs) engaged in sustainable fisheries management; leaders and representatives of 26 organizations (21 TFAs, 2 Tuna Federations, 2 cooperatives, and 1 MSC client group) to be trained in capacity development; and 21 women’s Group Savings and Loan Associations (GSLAs) to be trained in financial management.


The primary responsibilities of the Policy, Governance, and Partnerships Specialist, under the supervision of the Technical Operation Manager, is to guide the development of policy-related strategies including policy briefs and position papers. They will be coordinating with relevant policy decision-makers at the local, national and regional level in achieving policy agenda. They are also expected to provide guidance to project team in advancing policy work at local, national and regional level. They will be working closely with the WWF-Philippines Policy Manager to align policy work with the overall strategic objectives of the organization.

They will work alongside with the Communication Specialist to process and laymanize scientific information that will guide policy decisions on sustainable fisheries management and governance. They will also be accountable in communicating strategic management actions and policy decisions to key stakeholders and relevant partners to ensure that information flow from local to national level via the FARMC structures (M/C/I/NFARMC) will be institutionalized and fully operationalized.

Specifically, the Policy, Governance, and Partnerships Specialist is expected to carry out the following tasks:

  • Provide guidance to the Site Managers in coordination with the Field Operation Manager in strengthening the policy recommendatory bodies at the local level (Municipal/City FARMCs, Integrated FARMCs, etc.);
  • Work closely with the STP 2 Site Managers in Mindoro Strait and Lagonoy in coordinating with the IFARMCs on direction and agenda-setting in IFARMC meetings;
  • Assist the IFARMCs and LGUs in drafting resolutions, policy briefs, and other policy instruments;
  • Assist the STP 2 Site Managers in Mindoro Strait and Lagonoy Gulf in convening, attending, and providing support in local development council and legislative board meetings;
  • Provide policy guidance to the LGUs on fisheries-related management measures;
  • Work closely with the Technical Operations Manager in rolling out the policy brief on the cost-benefit analysis to the LGUs;
  • Assist the STP 2 Overall Program Manager and the Technical Operations Manager in representing WWF in national council meetings (PCAF, NFARMC, NTIC, etc.);
  • Serve as liaison between the national government and the local governments and support in communicating interests and concerns amongst parties;
  • Perform any other tasks requested by the Overall Project Manager as necessary.


  • Holds a degree related to political or social science, public administration, development management, legal management, environmental policy, or coastal/fisheries management.
  • At least three (3) years of progressively responsible work experience in a development or policy work will be considered in lieu of educational background.
  • Proven knowledge and/or understanding of fisheries management, community development, political dynamics, multi-stakeholders’ engagement, disaster risk and reduction management, conflict resolution and risk mitigation is an asset.
  • Strong technical writing skills.
  • Excellent communication, organization, and relationship-building skills with an ability to prioritize, negotiate, and work with various stakeholders.
  • Enjoys working in a hands-on and collaborative team environment but also has the ability to multi task, work independently and under pressure, possibly across cultures and time zones.
  • Willingness to work flexible hours if needed.
  • Willingness to be based in the project sites with frequent travels in Manila.


As an equal employment opportunity employer, WWF does not discriminate based on an applicant’s race, religion, sex, gender, or disability status. To reduce use of paper, submissions by mail will not be accepted. Due to the high volume of applications, inquiries via phone cannot be accepted.

To apply, submit a cover letter and your resume to apply@wwf.org.ph with subject line: "STP2 Policy, Governance, and Partnerships Specialist”.