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The IT Support Specialist will function mainly as the Network Administrator and Computer Tech Support of WWF-Philippines. He/she will be responsible for the day-to-day operations of the computer networks and systems, including the management of in-house servers/network attached storages, and centralized printing system.

The IT Support Specialist will ensure that the organization’s systems and application infrastructure, network systems including local area networks (LANs), intranets, email and internet connections, Business Operation systems and other data communication systems, are working properly and running efficiently 24/7.

He/she will improve on the existing strategies to ensure effective IT implementation, as well as manage IT-related support plans, business automation requirements, and Disaster Recovery Plans.


The IT Support Specialist is expected to perform the following:


  • Maintain network and computer system security and ensure that all hardware and system infrastructure are properly protected and secured
  • Perform regular maintenance to ensure that networks, email, and internet connections operate efficiently
  • Troubleshoot local area networks (LAN), email and internet systems. Find or implement solutions to problems as they occur.
  • Implement scheduled back-up procedures to prevent data and system loss in case of power outage, virus infections or other related attacks. Ensure the integrity of all database stored.
  • Assist staff with requests for information technology services, repair or support requests, complaints, and inquiries
  • Manage the centralized printing system and assist in the printing of brochures, reports and calling cards


  • Add users to the network, assign staff email and OneWWF accounts; Update security permissions across the organization
  • Coordinate with Internet service providers, IT-related consultants, approved list of IT suppliers, email and website hosting service providers, and the WWF Global IT network
  • Monitor the IT assets of the organization. Install the necessary software licenses on new hardware equipment as well as provide regular software upgrades.
  • Provide IT orientation and training for staff, as needed
  • Assist in setting-up online conferencing for staff using the current teleconferencing system
  • Provide staff with troubleshooting procedures, list of suppliers and repair centers, etc. on the Intranet
  • Assess hardware/equipment repair reports and provide the proper course of action


  • A bachelor’s degree in Computer/Information Science, Information Technology, or any related discipline and/or at least three (3) years working experience specializing in IT and Network Administration.
  • Must be knowledgeable in various IT hardware infrastructure and systems, office applications and operating systems (Windows and Mac).
  • Applicants with programming experience and/or basic understanding of database languages, as required by the organization, are preferred.
  • Experience in developing training modules and conducting IT training is an advantage.
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills


  • Analytical skills. Must possess the analytical skills to evaluate and improve overall system performance.
  • Excellent communication skills, both verbal and written. Must be able to describe problems and their solute ions to non-IT staff. Possess strong writing skills for preparing instructions and email responses for employees, as well as for revising/developing IT-related policies.
  • Multitasking skills. Must be able to work on many problems and tasks at the same time - taking a proactive approach to tasks.
  • Problem-solving skills. Must be quick to analyze and resolve any problems that arise with computer networks and systems.
  • Outstanding customer-service skills. Must be patient and sympathetic. Have good listening skills.
  • Team-player. Must work and function effectively within a team.
  • The IT Support Specialist must be able to work well under pressure.


As an equal employment opportunity employer, WWF does not discriminate based on an applicant’s race, religion, sex, gender, or disability status. To reduce paper use, submissions by mail will not be accepted. Due to the high volume of applications, inquiries via phone cannot be accepted.

Interested applicants may submit a cover letter and CV to with the subject line: ‘IT Support Specialist [First name initial_Middle name initial_Full last name]’.