Situation analysis in the Andes Amazon (Condor Kutuku) Landscape

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World Wide Fund for Nature

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Lima, Peru

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Supervised by: WWF Ecuador / WWF Peru

Work location: Condor Kutuku landscape - Peru and Ecuador

Desk and field assessment

Duration: 5 weeks (Estimated starting date: June 10 2022)


WWF Peru and WWF Ecuador are working together with Practical Action, NCI and Terra Nouva in the conformation a consortium towards participating in the Biodiverse Landscape Fund – BLF call, to be launched by the end of June 2022, focused on the Andes Amazon (Condor Kutuku) Landscape.

The BLF call will be focused in three outcomes: Nature, related to slow, halt or reverse biodiversity loss; People, aimed to develop economic opportunities through investment in nature; and Climate, targeted to reduce green house gas emissions.

Together with the consortium partners, WWF has defined a preparatory working plan for the next weeks, before the BLF call will be launched. The preparatory actions proposed by the consortium towards the application to the BLF call, include the analysis of available information of the landscape, the identification of actors and possible synergies, the identification of polygons within the Condor Kutuku landscape where the work will focus, both in Ecuador and Peru, among others.

The final step in this process concludes when we have clarity of the landscape situation and priorities to be considered by the consortium in the proposal. As well as the support of local and national actors.


Conduct a situation analysis for the Amazon Andes (Condor Kutuku) landscape, that meets the following specific objectives:

  • Analyze and synthetize available information of the Condor Kutuku landscape, provided by the consortium partners as well as other sources: landscape socio economical description, governance structures, biodiversity characterization, threats and their drivers (including identification of potential governments extractive plans), land tenure, private sector developments (tourism, others), among others.
  • Identify local and national actors as well as potential synergies, scope, potential role and participation in the proposal
  • Support consortium partners in the socialization and positioning of the consortium with local actors and institutions in working areas.
  • Interview key actors: recover updated information, identification of needs and interests, support partners in securing alliances with local actors, among other activities convened with the consortium partners.
  • Analyze risks in the working area that could affect the development and implementation of the project.
  • Prioritize working area. With the analysis of secondary and primary information, propose working areas (polygons) within the Condor Kutuku landscape to prioritize the consortium work to be detailed in the proposal. The prioritization must take into consideration the current working areas of the consortium partners.


The selected consultant demonstrates a proven experience in situation and context analysis within the Peruvian and/or Ecuadorian context, with knowledge of biodiversity and conservation issues.

  • 5.1 Experience:
    • At least 10 years of working experience in methodological and thematic aspects related to this assignment.
    • Knowledge and experience working in Ecuador and/or Peru, with emphasis in the working area.
    • Desirable: prior demonstrated experience from developing and writing proposals for institutional donors, in particular UK Aid; strong programme design skills, including capacity to prepare logical, coherent, and consistent technical documents including logical frames and budgets; prior experience of facilitating multistakeholders workshops and dialogues; fully bilingual Spanish and English.
  • 5.2 Skills and Abilities:
    • Fluent in Spanish writing and good English comprehension/oral.
    • Ability to search, survey and synthesize information.
    • Excellent writing skills
    • Familiar with the project area and context.

Interested individuals or professional teams who meet the requested requirements must send their CV(s), along with their technical and economic proposal, as well as examples of previous work to the email with the subject " Situation analysis in the Andes Amazon (Condor Kutuku) Landscape" until June 6, 2022