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Emirates Nature-WWF is initiating a new flagship project and looking for a senior project manager to oversee and implement the activities of the project. The project’s vision is to create a new economic model for rural communities in the UAE focusing on nature-based solutions and nature-positive ecotourism with local communities’ wellbeing at its centre. The key elements of the project are to ensure effective and systematic stakeholder engagement, oversee a multi-disciplinary team of experts delivering on multiple workstreams such as scientific surveys and conservation work, ecotourism development, community engagement, communications and outreach, local business upskilling, etc. The project manager will play a leading role helping EN-WWF shape and operationalise its vision towards protecting the UAE natural capital in way that delivers benefits towards long-term, sustainable and resilient local economies in rural villages of the country.

The project manager will oversee all aspects of project coordination and ensure the successful delivery of the project’s objectives, goals, outcomes and activities. These include but are not limited to the delivery of strategic and technical outcomes, delivery of project activities and workplans, lead successfully a project team, ensure the delivery of project communications plan, budget tracking and stakeholder management. They will also lead on coordination of events, secure partners, work collaboratively across internal departments and with external private and public sector stakeholders.

The successful candidate should have sound knowledge and working experience in nature conservation, economic development, community engagement, and be knowledgeable about the UAE’s domestic environmental policy landscape. They will have the capacity and willingness to deliver on a variety of different tasks and will have a solid track record in project management and stakeholder engagement.

Major Duties and Key Responsibilities

Overall Project Implementation and Impact Reporting:

  • Lead and provide strategic oversight of the project to ensure timely and effective delivery of results and outputs.
  • Manage the development and monitoring of project workplans and budgets; work closely with the finance manager on finance reporting and budget tracking.
  • Manage the project team, project consultants, and work with internal cross-functional team members to ensure successful delivery of projects.
  • Develop and administer Terms of Reference and contracts for external consultants, ensuring timely and high-quality submission of agreed deliverables and outputs.
  • Identify project risks and, together with the impact manager, oversee risk management and the monitoring and evaluation framework.
  • In coordination with the ENWWF Impact Lead and project team, prepare monthly/quarterly reports for donors, stakeholders, and the ENWWF Management team.
  • Develop the project M&E framework and prepare bi-annual impact reports linking project deliverables with the ENWWF strategy.

Stakeholder Engagement:

  • Develop a stakeholder map and engagement strategy; ensure effective stakeholder engagement by working closely with relevant project team members and units.
  • Work closely with partners, advisors, and donors to ensure timely and consistent communications on the project's progress, successes, and upcoming milestones.
  • Plan and deliver successful stakeholder workshops, roundtables, dialogues, and events to reach desired outcomes along with stakeholders and partners.
  • Ensure effective local engagement strategy adhering to WWF E&S safeguards and record outputs/outcomes throughout project implementation.
  • Support DG, Unit Director in high-level stakeholder meetings, prepare briefings, and implement follow-up actions as required.

Business Development and Project Communications:

  • Work with the communications unit to develop and implement a communications plan for the project.
  • Ensure timely and efficient communication with the project donor and seek opportunities for co-financing.
  • Develop concept notes to facilitate external communications about the project and attract new partnerships and co-financing; identify key project partnerships.
  • Liaise with other units and integrate interdisciplinary input in project implementation.

Advise and Integrate Best Practices and Best Available Science in ENWWF Portfolio:

  • Keep abreast of international best practices and regional activities linked to nature conservation, ecotourism, SME business development, and financing.
  • Ensure that the solutions EN-WWF offers are always relevant to both global (including WWF relevant priority areas) and local contexts.
  • Support the organization in identifying and managing new strategic partnerships and relationships with stakeholders.
  • Provide support and develop content for thought leadership pieces, blogs, and ENWWF communications, including annual reports.
  • Provide input and offer technical presentations to ENWWF staff, stakeholders, and volunteers on projects to build capacity and alignment.

Required Qualifications


  • 12+ years of experience and knowledge in relevant field with a strong working background in nature conservation, economic development, ecotourism.
  • Track record in all aspects of project design and management (e.g. planning, funding proposal development, monitoring and reporting).
  • Analytical & problem-solving skills, incl. an ability to identify strategic issues & develop innovative responses to achieve outcomes.
  • Demonstrated work experience managing teams and working with multi-disciplinary and multicultural teams.
  • Working knowledge of advocacy, interpersonal, presentation, verbal & written communication skills.
  • Demonstrated track record in stakeholder engagement, partnership development and reporting.


  • Undergraduate degree in environmental conservation or sustainability and business administration. Post-graduate/graduate degree considered a plus.
  • Fluency in English is essential. Knowledge of Arabic is highly desirable.


Emirates Nature-WWF Focus: Acts as a member of Emirates Nature-WWF, placing higher priority on Emirates Nature-WWF goals than own goals and anticipating the effects of own area’s actions on others to ensure holistic Emirates Nature-WWF outcomes.

External Orientation: Looks outwards ensuring WWF stays relevant, continues to anticipate and adapt to external environmental and global trends.

Delivering Quality Outcomes: Establishes stretch goals, plans, using best judgment and takes responsibility for planning to and delivering on outcomes.

Building Working Relationships: Builds collaborative relationships through the understanding and development of other’s and own ideas.

Communicating Effectively: Uses appropriate means of communication to convey messages, seeks input from others and ensures understanding.

Leading Change: Encourages and seeks out innovative solutions and brings people on a journey constructively and empathetically.

Managing Resources: Makes the right judgments based on financial and resource availability.

Skills Required

  • Ability to think strategically and creatively, generating innovative ways to drive climate and energy work in the UAE.
  • Excellent organizational and time management skills and ability to perform under pressure.
  • Excellent proven stakeholder management and relationship-building skills.
  • Excellent relationship-building skills and exceptional teamwork abilities.
  • Demonstrable ability to work effectively in multi-disciplinary and multicultural teams.
  • Self-starter and able to prioritize activities accordingly.
  • Set challenging but realistic goals and solve problems effectively.
  • Produce high-quality products/services with attention to detail.
  • Supportive, constructive, and open to influence in dealing with others.
  • Friendly, open, and sensitive to the satisfaction of the work group.
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills in English and Arabic (desirable).
Behavior Description

Impact Driven
  • Results oriented and focused
  • We passionately seek impactful solutions to overcome the planet's greatest challenges
  • Uses a science-based approach and applies facts, logic, and professional knowledge to create impact, displaying a strong understanding of the issues
  • Demonstrates focus, determination, efficiency, and accountability
  • Consistently delivers high-quality work

  • Acts and communicates openly, constructively, and ethically, and is sensitive to other people and cultures
  • Treats others fairly and respects others' points of view, creating an environment of trust
  • Is consistent, honest, and transparent in what one does and says
  • Demonstrates self-awareness, manages own emotional response, and is aware of the impact of own behavior on others
  • Demonstrates professionalism and upholds a high regard for the reputation of the organization
  • We live the principles and standards we call on others to meet, and hold each other accountable

Together We’re Stronger
  • Shows empathy, listens, asks questions, and shows consideration and understanding for others
  • Is approachable, empowers others, provides trust and mutual respect
  • We remain optimistic, light-hearted, and participate in celebrating success together
  • Recognizes the value that each individual brings to the collective impact of the organization
  • Embraces diversity and inclusion
  • Speaking with one voice, unified by one mission, shared values, and common priorities
  • Seeks to build powerful and aligned networks with government, organizations, and communities

  • Demonstrates perseverance and commitment to the Mission and Vision of the organization
  • Acts with confidence and from a position of strength
  • Takes measured risks and encourages action
  • Inspires hope and optimism

  • Stays informed of external developments and trends and adapts accordingly
  • Pursues avenues for continuous learning and development
  • Stays open-minded, seeks innovative and creative solutions
  • Flexible and open to change and others' viewpoints, remains calm and confident during change
  • Embraces feedback

Working Relationships

Internal - Works closely with Chief of Conservation and Climate, manages project teams, coordinates as required with all units; including Communications, Operations, Business Development teams, advises and supports ENWWF high level engagement in climate dialogues

External - Works closely with Stakeholders, Consultants and Suppliers, as well as WWF International always representing ENWWF and carrying forward the organizational values

Additional Information

Emirates Nature-WWF is an equal opportunity employer. We welcome diversity in the workplace and offer a flexible and diverse place of employment.

Emirates Nature-WWF staff participate wholeheartedly in general activities and events that require the full support and participation of all staff members, whether the focus of any particular event or activity has any bearing on the job description and assigned project objectives and activities.

How To Apply

Please send your application consisting of a cover letter explaining why you are the right candidate to work with EN-WWF and your CV with the subject ‘Application for Senior Project Manager – Resilient Communities to the attention of Ms Magdalena Tayoun on before 12th June 2024.

Emirates Nature reserves the right to appoint a candidate prior this date.