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WRI intends to award a Fixed Price contract for support of our Finance Center’s work on climate finance in the international financial institutions, to contribute to our work on Multilateral Development Banks and the Paris Agreement.

Program Overview:

The primary responsibilities of the (remote) consultant will be the mapping of clean opportunities in the energy sector for a sub-set of Multilateral Development Banks; analysis of the gaps and possible solutions to accelerating the clean energy transition by specific development banks; as well as deep dives into specific sub-sectors to identify options, mechanisms, and financial structures for mobilizing finance. The Consultant will be expected to engage with and present research findings to institutional partners, government officials, and civil society. They will check-in regularly with the Sustainable Finance Center Senior Associate. Proposals must be submitted by October 25, 2023. Work will start on 1 November 2023, for a duration of 10 months.

Scope of Work and Deliverables/Outputs:

The consultant will be responsible for delivering written products and action plans on what MDBs can do to accelerate the clean energy transition.

The first paper will present the gaps and opportunities for clean energy interventions for MDBs at sectoral and sub-sectoral level, in partnership with other CSOs, and publish these ahead of the WB/IMF 2024 Spring Meetings. An additional task will include completing and publishing an analysis of clean energy investment opportunities in cases of AIIB and ADB, specifically. A final paper will complete this series on how to unlock greater volumes of clean energy financing through more joined-up collaboration between development finance institutions at global and national level financial institutions.

Additionally, the consultant will be expected to participate in/organize the following activities:

  • Based on research, select and carry out virtual interviews of stakeholders
  • Engage with relevant development finance institutions’ staff
  • Engage with relevant CSOs in countries, including in South East Asia
  • Organize virtual workshops
  • Present research finding
Consultant Qualifications:
  • Minimum of 4 years of full-time experience working with governments, international institutions, NGOs, and/or private sector on
  • Experience of the energy sector
  • Experience with Multilateral Development Banks, and their operations
  • Knowledge of international climate finance
  • Strong program implementation and project management skills
Evaluation and Selection:

Proposal Content:

Prospective consultants should submit:

  • A statement of interest describing how they meet the above requirements
  • CV
  • Examples of relevant previous work
  • A proposed budget with a breakdown of costs sufficient to assess reasonableness and compliance with our funder requirements. Please also include a competitive payment schedule associating amounts with work milestones.

Evaluation and Selection

The following elements will be the primary considerations in evaluating all applications submitted in response to this posting:

  • The extent to which the applicant’s proposal fulfills WRI’s stated requirements as set out in this posting
  • Demonstrated expertise and experience with similar projects
  • Overall cost of the applicant’s proposal

Offers will be rejected if any illegal corrupt practices have taken place in connection with the award.

WRI takes into account universal design and the potential environmental impact of procurement.

The consultant offering the best overall value will be selected. For this position, price and non-price aspects are considered to be of approximately equal importance.