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Are you interested in being part of an innovative team that supports Westinghouse’s mission to provide clean energy solutions? At Westinghouse, we recognize that our employees are our most valuable asset and we seek to identify, attract and recruit the most qualified talent while recognizing and encouraging the value of diversity in the global workplace.
Manufacturing Operator - $23.85 an hour with $2500 sign on bonus
Location: Ogden, Utah

Are you interested in being part of an innovative team that supports Westinghouse’s mission to provide clean energy solutions? At Westinghouse, we recognize that our employees are our most valuable asset and we seek to identify, attract and recruit the most qualified talent while recognizing and encouraging the value of diversity in the global workplace.

About Western Zirconium:
Westinghouse is the global leader in delivering the reliable nuclear fuel solutions for worldwide customers across various operating plant technologies. Western Zirconium (WZ) is a key piece of the puzzle producing the materials needed to manufacture different fuel assemblies. The Western Zirconium Plant, established in 1978, is one of the world's leading producers of zirconium, hafnium and zirconium alloys. The plant is built on a 1,100 acre site at the base of Little Mountain outside of Ogden, Utah, and has over 330,000 square feet of manufacturing and support facilities. The specialty alloys created at WZ will eventually become the fuel rods and components that make up the different fuel assemblies that power nuclear operating plants all around the globe.

We have an exciting opportunity to be a part of this unique manufacturing process. We are currently looking for Manufacturing Operators to join our Western Zirconium family.

WZ Departments and a Day in the Life:

Separation Department:
The first step in the Western Zirconium process is separation. Zirconium oxychloride crystals which are received in one ton supersacks are dissolved in water. The solution is then pumped through liquid/liquid extraction columns where hafnium and zirconium are separated from each other. Hafnium and Zirconium are two elements that are always found together in nature at approximately 98% zirconium to 2% hafnium. For use in the nuclear industry it is necessary to produce pure zirconium without hafnium. A variety of chemicals is required to carry out the extraction process. The chemicals are unloaded from trucks, tankers and railcars in the Separation department. After separating zirconium and hafnium into two different liquid streams the chemicals are precipitated into solids which are then processed through separate kilns at about 1000oC to convert the solids into oxides. Pure zirconium and pure hafnium oxides are transferred in drums to the next department which is Chlorination. Separation is a challenging process which attracts workers who are skilled at problem solving. Although the process utilizes hazardous chemicals the department has gone for over 20 years without a lost time injury and worker safety is taken seriously.

Chlorination Department:
The second step in the Western Zirconium process is Chlorination, where the zirconium oxide (ZrO2) produced in Separations is reacted with Chlorine (Cl2) and carbon (C) at about 1000oC to produce zirconium tetrachloride (ZrCl4). The heat is provided by an external, induction coil. The use of chlorine makes this an RMP/PSM Covered Process, subject to Process Safety Management (PSM) and the strict control of change. The process itself consists of three steps; chlorine receiving and vaporization, Pure chlorination, and off-gas handling and pollution control.

Reduction Department:
The third step in the process is the Reduction department where zirconium tetrachloride (ZrCl4) is placed in a vessel under vacuum. The vessel is heated to approximately 825°C where the ZrCl4 is converted to a gas, The gas will flow through a center pipe in the vessel and begin to cool. As it is cooling it will precipitate through molten Magnesium and is converted to a solid zirconium metal. This metal, referred to as a regulus will get broken up into small pieces commonly called zirconium sponge and placed in barrels to deliver to the Melting department.

Melting Department:
The Melting department receives the zirconium sponge from the Reductions department. The material is then alloyed with specific elements to meet customer specifications before being compacted with a 5000T Press. The compacts will then be used to assemble an electrode and welded with an electron beam welder. Two electrodes will go through a series of melts before being melted together to become a 16,000 pound ingot. The material will then be sampled and once the chemistry is approved the ingot will be released from the Melting department.

Round Products Department:
The Round Products department takes very large zirconium ingots, heats them to above 1000° C and forges the ingots into round logs and flat slabs. The flat slabs are then sent to Flat Products where they are eventually made into coils for grid straps. The logs are cut into billets, which then go through a heat treatment process and are machined on a lathe. Once machined, a lubricant is applied to the billet, the billet is heated and then extruded into a tube. The tube is conditioned and then cold worked on a pilger mill where the tube diameter is reduced. Tubes are then grouped together for a subsequent heat treatment process. The tubes are then conditioned and inspected for both ultrasonic parameters and surface condition. After the tubes are accepted through the inspection process, they are palletized, certified and shipped to a Westinghouse site located in Pennsylvania. The tubes will then be mechanically reduced to their final size. The final tubes will then be shipped to South Carolina where they will be made into nuclear fuel and shipped directly to Nuclear Reactors.

Flat Products Department:
Flat Product’s department is responsible for safely manufacturing zirconium and hafnium alloys using a variety of equipment and processes. Key jobs include swaging, grinding, hot rolling, blasting, cold rolling, vacuum annealing, shearing, slitting, planing, conditioning, ultrasonic testing, and final inspection. We also have a pickling process that has chemical baths where respirator usage and shaving is required. Deliverables include final products in various forms such as bar, narrow coil, wide coil, channel, and widgets that are delivered to both internal and external customers.

Requirements to be successful in the role:

  • Highschool diploma or GED required
  • Previous manufacturing, construction, technical labor, or military experience preferred but not required
  • Ability to wear required PPE (respirators, goggles, etc.) and be able to work with hazardous chemicals, must be clean shaven every day.
  • Ability to lift 40 lbs.
  • Mobile equipment certified.
  • Basic computer skills.
  • Must be able to work a 4x4 shift which are four (4) 11-hour days on, four (4) days off, average 38.5 hours per week (must be able to work rotating days and nights or nights non-rotating).
  • Good troubleshooting knowledge and mechanical ability to perform tasks following detailed work instructions and verbal commands
  • Work in a team environment with good understanding of manufacturing safety requirements (PPE, Lock and Tag, Human Performance tools)
  • Must be motivated and have a great attitude
  • Starting rate is $23.85 with continued hourly increases providing significant earning potential.

Why Westinghouse?
Westinghouse Electric Company is the global nuclear energy industry’s first choice for safe, clean, and efficient energy solutions. We enable our delivery of this vision by living our value system:

  • Safety and Quality
  • Integrity and Trust
  • Customer Focus and Innovation
  • Speed and Passion to Win
  • Teamwork and Accountability

Westinghouse offers competitive benefits to all our employees around the globe to keep them healthy and enhance their well-being. In the U.S. the following are representative of what we offer:

  • Competitive Salary
  • Comprehensive Health, Wellness and Income Protection Benefits
  • 401(k) Savings Plan with Company Match
  • Paid Vacations and Holidays
  • Opportunities for Flexible Work Arrangements
  • Educational Reimbursement Program
  • Employee Referral Program

While our Global Headquarters are located in Cranberry Township, PA, we have over 9,000 employees working at locations in 19 different countries. You can learn more by visiting
EOE of Minorities / Females / Vets / Disability.

Job Type: Full-time

Pay: From $23.85 per hour

Expected hours: 40 per week


  • 401(k)
  • 401(k) matching
  • Dental insurance
  • Health insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Paid time off
  • Vision insurance


  • 12 hour shift
  • Rotating shift

Work Location: In person