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Job Title: Radiation Protection Technicians

Position Description

As a member of Radiation Protection department, the candidate will:

  • Provide radiological controls coverage for highly contaminated radiological work
  • Perform surveys
  • Take air samples
  • Handle radioactive materials
  • Perform work IAW with the ISMS principles
  • Make logbook entries
  • Document radiation and contamination surveys

Job Details / Essential Job Functions:

1-year documented experience providing RadCon coverage for high dose/high concentration work (alpha contamination experience is preferred

  • Mid Level RCTs 12-36 months experience
  • Sr. RCTs with 36 plus months experience

Work Hours

  • Work 4x10 or 4x12 schedule Monday -Thursday
  • Hours vary

Qualifications / Education / Experience:

  • US citizen and able to work in Idaho
  • High school diploma/GED minimum
  • NRRPT a plus - rate will be increased with NRRPT certificate


  • Must be able to qualify and wear a respirator/PAPR/forced air
  • Must be able to pass Core test upon arrival at site