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London, United Kingdom

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30+ days ago

At Voltalia we are passionate about renewable energies! We are an electricity producer from wind, solar, hydro, biomass and storage and also a service provider to 3rd party clients such as Development, EPC, O&M and Distribution.Today we are in 20 countries, split among 4 continents, and offering a global operating capacity to our clients. We are listed on the regulated Euronext market in Paris since July 2014.

Voltalia is looking for a highly experienced, entrepreneurial and self-motivated individual to lead the Special Projects group within Voltalia’s Europe, Africa & International perimeter. This role will report to the Head of Europe, Africa & International and can be based in France, Spain, Portugal or the UK.

As the Head of Special Projects your objectives will be to evaluate and test new business opportunities, prepare the business case, launch pilot projects, and once the opportunity is successfully proven, expand opportunities across the perimeter and pass responsibility to the respective country managers.

Main responsibilities:

  • Identifying and evaluating various new business opportunities and/or business models associated with the energy transition and preparing a robust and succinct business case;

  • Designing and launching pilot projects (alone or with potential partners to test the business case and learn-by-doing;

  • Expanding the roll-out of the special projects across the perimeter and handing over leadership for individual projects to the respective country managers and regional managers, who will lead their realization on the ground;
  • Continuing to support the country managers and regional managers with knowledge and expertise as they roll-out the special projects in their respective countries and regions;

  • Fostering relationships with internal stakeholders within Voltalia to cultivate buy-in across the organization and to critically challenge the feasibility of the special projects from an early stage;
  • Cultivating relationships with external stakeholders that are influential in the definition, implementation and roll-out of the respective special projects, including embassies and other diplomatic resources, National and European-wide funding sources, industry experts and associations, technology and original equipment suppliers, EPC contractors, government ministries and institutions, regional development banks and project sponsors and other technical assistance funding programmes;
  • Preparing and overseeing budgets, planning and hiring the key team members and implementing the necessary processes and systems to improve the performance and efficiency of the teams;
  • Transferring knowledge and skills and providing energetic and motivational leadership to the special projects team and fostering future leaders within the group;
  • Actively contributing towards preparing the commercial future of Voltalia, anticipating the evolution that will accompany the energy transition and positioning Voltalia ahead of our competitors;
  • Contributing towards the strategic direction and actively participating as a member of the leadership group of the overall Europe, Africa & International perimeter.


  • Master’s degree in a technical field and/ or business;
  • More than 10 years in leading businesses and teams;
  • Strong knowledge and relevant experience in the renewable energy field and the energy transition;
  • Proven track record in building businesses, developing projects and managing P&Ls;
  • Proven track record in business development and the preparation of business and investment plans;
  • Well-established network of relationships amongst the stakeholders in the energy transition;
  • Fluent in English;
  • French, Portuguese or Spanish will be a plus.


  • Positive attitude and motivational skills;
  • Entrepreneurial by nature and loves a challenge;
  • Team player;
  • Excellent communication skills;
  • Excellent networking, persuasion, negotiation, and deal closing skills;
  • Ethical with drive to succeed;
  • Excellent customer relationship skills;
  • Excellent problem-solving skills and attention to detail;
  • Autonomy, creativity, and initiative;
  • Commitment to promoting the success of others;
  • Good judgement;
  • Able to manage multiple priorities and multiple stakeholder relationships;
  • Open minded, willing to give and to receive constructive feedback;
  • Strategic vision;
  • Commercially astute.

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United Kingdom, London

Apr 23