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As an integral part of Vestas Power Solutions, our Software Platforms & Connectivity module plays a vital role in engineering and product development. We are responsible for developing and maintaining the software platforms, communication infrastructure, and cybersecurity that advance the digital capabilities of our power plants. Our approach is rooted in systems thinking, as we design interconnected solutions that enable other departments to seamlessly develop, deliver, and innovate, promoting interdisciplinary collaboration. With a solid focus on scalability, we lay the essential groundwork for sustainable energy solutions, contributing to the demands of a carbon-neutral future.


As Software Lifecycle Lead, you have an important role in designing and shaping the solutions and systems for overseeing the software lifecycle, or both internally developed software, 3rd party software, and software for devices and appliances in the entire renewable power plant. You will design the solutions and define the principles that ensure the software deployed to the control systems, devices, and other digital elements of our power plants can be kept up to date with patches and appropriate configuration. Your daily tasks will include stakeholder engagement, requirement gathering, understanding end-user issues, and interaction with development teams.

You serve as the primary advocate for automation within the software- and configuration deployment. This role entails bringing all teams developing or procuring software for deployment in our power plants on the same page regarding software patch management and defining the roadmaps for the ecosystems necessary to succeed:

  • Developing and implementing software lifecycle management strategy for automatic deployment of software developed on in-house platforms.

  • Serve as business architect on the software solution used for planning and orchestrating patching and configuration.

  • Guide the design of software deployment and patch solutions for 3rd party systems and components that are integrated into the power plant product.

  • Collaborate closely with software architects and design teams to ensure that software solutions are designed with patch-ability in mind and in alignment with defined strategies for software lifecycle management.

To excel in this role, you should bring a blend of technical expertise, leadership, and solid collaboration skills. Your contributions will not only optimize the performance of our power plants and reduce operating costs but also elevate Vestas reputation as a forward-thinking leader in the digital era.


  • A bachelor's degree or higher in computer science, engineering, information technology, or a related field

  • Proficiency in software lifecycle management tools and methodologies.

  • Understanding of patch management systems and strategies.

  • Advanced critical thinking skills, with the ability to identify gaps in architecture and propose innovative solutions.

  • Solid understanding of product development processes and the ability to align and collaborate with other departments on large solutions.

  • Familiarity with relevant software tools and industry best practices.


  • Solid leadership skills with the ability to influence and encourage innovation within the organization.

  • Capacity to evaluate requirements, gather user feedback and translate them into actionable plans and strategies.

What We Offer

Join a diverse and enthusiastic team committed to creating business value and developing innovative technical solutions in a culture that encourages continuous learning. Enjoy the freedom and flexibility to shape your path within an informal and agile workplace while meeting high expectations for responsibility and ownership, knowing you have a collaborative team behind you. Contribute to our mission of making a difference in the renewable energy landscape and experience the rewards of teamwork and personal growth.


Your primary work location will be Vestas headquarters in Aarhus (Denmark).

You can expect up to 10 days of travel per year.

The application deadline is May 27, 2024. We’ll be conducting interviews on an ongoing basis and reserve the right to remove the advert when we have found the right candidate. For more information, please contact Morten Tim Thorsen, Chief Specialist, Module Design Owner at +45 2279 5150


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DEIB Statement

At Vestas, we recognize the value of diversity, equity, and inclusion in driving innovation and success. We strongly encourage individuals from all backgrounds to apply, particularly those who may hesitate due to their identity or feel they do not meet every criterion. As our CEO states, "Expertise and talent come in many forms, and a diverse workforce enhances our ability to think differently and solve the complex challenges of our industry". Your unique perspective is what will help us powering the solution for a sustainable, green energy future.

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