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Sydney, Australia

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8 days ago

Location: Australia, North Sydney
Department: Operation

1. Fully communicated, understood and extracted the needs of the business department, proposed corresponding human resource solutions, and assisted the business leader in carrying out various human resource management work.

2. Implement recruitment

3. Organise and implement various talent development and training plans for the marketing system

4. Formulated and implemented special incentive plans and business performance bonus plans

5. Organise the formulation and implementation of cultural construction plans and evaluation plans for business units

6. Conducted regular employee interviews and handled employee labour relations in accordance with laws and regulations.

  • Bachelor degree or above in human resource-related field
  • At least 2 years of working experience in the HR function, able to carry out various work independently, HRBP working experience is preferred
  • Good teamwork and communication skills, quick thinking, good at extracting the needs of others.

Please briefly introduce yourself and send your resume to: