Internship-Environmental and Recreational Steward

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Program Dates: 06/03/2024 – 09/22/2024(16 Weeks)

About us:
The Student Conservation Association (SCA) is the largest provider of hands-on environmental conservation programs for youth and young adults. Program participants protect and restore national parks, marine sanctuaries, cultural landmarks, and community green spaces across the country.

Program Description:
Work crew members (3 for 16 weeks) will work under the guidance of staff assigned by the manager at each respective lake. Interns will be expected to participate in most aspects of park operations and will be expected to work with the public in a helpful, informed and courteous manner while accomplishing the following typical duties:

  • Instructs and educates the public through interpretive presentations and tours which include missions of the Corps, historical background, geographical features, and project operation of existing facilities such as the dam, powerhouse, and reservoir operations. Responsible for the orderliness and safety of group being led in addition to answering questions of limited technical nature in a responsive, informed and helpful manner.
  • Provides information to visiting public at visitor center information desk about available facilities on project and surrounding areas, restrictions of use, and hours of operation.
  • Assists park management and visitor information team in developing, organizing and presenting multi-media, multi-image, audio-visual equipment, displays and exhibits. Participates in exhibit and display operations and maintenance by assuring they are working correctly and safely. Makes minor repairs and reports problem to supervisor. Develops brochures and information materials to aid in the use of facilities and to provide educational and informational materials for visitor use. Assures that required quantities of these materials are available for visitor use.
  • Maintains park and facilities in neat and orderly condition. Waters plants and trees, collects and removes litter, and cleans and stocks restrooms. At campgrounds, may register campers on campsites and direct visitors to facilities and sites and provide information regarding availability and rules for use. Notes and reports unsafe or unsanitary conditions observed. Checks visitor area for existing or potential maintenance needs or hazardous conditions during performance of other duties. In some cases the employee must make a responsible decision for immediate action. Reports findings and action taken to supervisor. Assists in maintaining record of supplies needed in recreation site(s). May maintain public visitation records.
  • Assists park rangers and maintenance personnel in operation and maintenance of visitor and recreation areas and facilities by assisting with minor maintenance, cleaning, servicing facilities, sign installation, maintenance and update of project sign plan and policing of park grounds and facilities. Checks recreation areas for vandalism, fire and general public safety.
  • Participates in visitor use surveys. Collects and evaluates statistical data. Compiles this data at the end of the season, draws conclusions and makes recommendations on the basis of findings
  • Assists Corps staff in performing repetitive tasks including visitor counts, checking parking of visitor vehicles, directing traffic, and inspecting safety equipment; hand tools, radios, and cameras may be used.
  • Performs day-to-day activities associated with forestry, fisheries, wildlife habitat assessment, pest control, pollution abatement, and soil conservation. Collects and records information on items such as water quality, sediment samples, vegetation, noxious weed infestation, wildlife and fish populations, and soil erosion and site rehabilitation problems.
  • Assists in first aid, boating, and fire emergencies. Other duties as assigned.
Member Benefits:
  • $500 - weekly living allowance
  • $25 weekly commuting allowance (Personal Vehicle REQUIRED)
  • $1200 - monthly housing allowance (4months of housing)
  • $650* reimbursable (to/from site)

  • Internship positions with the US Army Corps of Engineers will receive the travel allowance as a reimbursable amount, reflecting the actual costs based upon distance (mileage) travelled and current federal per diem rates. Interns are required to submit an expense report to SCA with documented round-trip travel costs for reimbursement. The requested reimbursement amount is capped at $650.

*All allowances subject to applicable federal, state, and local taxes*

This position isNOTAmeriCorps eligible due to high compensation rate

Member Qualifications:

  • Driver's license

  • Personal vehicle REQUIRED