Internship - Roosevelt Campobello Park Natural Resources

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Position Summary

Primary duties for this internship will be to assist Park staff in implementing the goals outlined in the Park’s newly drafted strategic plan regarding the future management of the Park's 2,800 acre Natural Area. The goals of the plan are multifaceted as they strive to accomplish two diverse but complementary objectives. First is to create a world class recreational destination that offers a wide variety of hiking experiences, through a network of highly crafted and sustainably built trails. The second is to ensure that this experience is enjoyed in a biologically diverse and ecologically vibrant landscape.


September 9, 2024 - November 23, 2024

Key Duties and Responsibilities

Trail Development:

  • Clearing vegetation, stump and bog bridge removal;
  • Assisting with the movement of trail building materials using a variety of methods such as bucket brigades, gurneys, high line cable systems, wheelbarrows, etc.;
  • Assisting the construction of new trail, bog walks and other types of trail footbridges;
  • Constructing and installing trail drainage systems including swales, water bars, culverts and retaining walls;
  • Installing trail kiosks, interpretive and directional signs, and benches;
  • Naturalizing and obscuring old trails and install protection fencing.

Landscape Enhancement:

  • Creating pollinator plots and constructing habitat havens;
  • Invasive plant removal;
  • Tree plantings, mulching and spreading wood chips;
  • Assisting with beach clean-ups;
  • Assisting with a variety of biological monitoring and mapping activities pertaining to forestry stands, wetlands, and vernal pools.

Marginal Duties

Required Qualifications

  • A valid U.S. Passport is REQUIRED for this position.
  • Driver’s license
  • Personal vehicle
  • Desired skills include experience with trail construction/maintenance, carpentry, masonry or similarly related fields such as landscaping, gardening or farming;

Preferred Qualifications

Preferred, but not essential, coursework or experience/interest in at least one of the following: biological monitoring, wetland delineation, GIS, CAD, arboriculture or tree planting.

The ideal candidate is someone who is a team player, purpose driven, and believes in the mission and understands the hard work that is necessary in creating something that is worthwhile.


40 per week

Living Accommodations

Housing is provided in a co-ed cooperative setting at The Matthews House. The house has several bedrooms, two bathrooms, a communal kitchen and living quarters. The housing is located on the western edge of the park, close to the FDR Memorial Bridge and across the road from the park’s Natural Area. In addition to the SCA interns the accommodations will be shared with two other conservation service teams involved with the same mission.


Living Allowance - $300/week

Roundtrip Travel Allowance - $1,100 (personal vehicle REQUIRED)

All allowances are subject to applicable federal, state, and local taxes.

Personal Vehicle Information


Additional Benefits

AmeriCorps: Not Eligible

Equal Opportunity Statement

SCA strives to cultivate a work environment that encourages fairness, teamwork, and respect among all staff members. SCA is committed to maintaining a work atmosphere in which people of diverse backgrounds and lifestyles may grow personally and professionally. The Student Conservation Association, Inc. is an equal opportunity employer.

Physical requirements and working conditions specific to the position are available in the full job description.