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Job Description:

  • Monitor and validate material availability of upcoming production plan and Forecast (CTB)?根据生产需求计划监控与跟进备料状况;
  • Monitor and validate capacity availability of upcoming production plan and Forecast ?根据生产需求计划监控与跟进产能状况;
  • Plan and analyze Sub assembly for global sites requirements =>根据全球CM 对Choke的需求拟定长期的计划;
  • Plan and analyze Sub assembly shipment for global sites =>根据全球CM 对Choke的需求拟定出货计划
  • Work with Supply Chain , engineering and RnD Department ?协调CM与总部相关的物料管控部门及时解决物料问题;
  • Be the focal point for the planning and purchasing department with CM purchasing?主力协调与监控CM计划和采购部门,协助其实现本公司的生产目标;
  • Follow up the ECO/DEV/BOM structure with CM- to ensure on going production?协助CM及时执行生产相关的变更(ECO/DEV/BOM);
  • work with material planner to analyze and solve critical raw material shortages ?具备独立处理物料欠缺的问题,及时与供应商沟通以提供有效解决方案;
  • Weekly choke DNS analysis and daily production plan to MFG?拟定每周生产计划,做好需求与供给的分析;
  • Manage production plan and shipment with MFG/CM?独立处理紧急的生产、出货计划;
  • Manage the production schedule alignment with CM’s planning team. ? 确保CM每日的生产计划与SE的要求保持一致。
  • Consistently seeking new opportunities to improve processes. ?通过日常的的工作,不断提升工作的效率,优化工作流程。
  • Manage and Be the focal point of planning process for own manufacture ?协助创建及执行有效的计划机制以实现生产目标。
  • Analyze Reason for output lost and yield ?深入分析产出与计划差异,及时根据产能与物料状况调整计划。

  • College degree or above.
  • Min. 5 years of planning/buyer or related experience in high volume manufacturing environment.
  • Purchasing experience is a big advantage
  • Excellent organization and interpersonal skills.
  • Excellent problem solving abilities.
  • Strong ability to adapt, learn, logical thinking.
  • Adequate English skill.
  • Excel – must
  • Good knowledge on process, product and quality