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Conducts analyses of data using various methods and tools to extract information as basis for decision making.
At Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy Engg. Center, Bangalore, we are looking for a new colleague to work within Technical Systems Maintenance module department. The Data Analyst position revolves around using company data to generate actionable insights. The Data Analyst can navigate through data and is not compromised by engineering bias and business expectations. The primary responsibility of this job is to model data, develop predictive models, and answer questions about the business from the context of data by presenting in a structured manner. For the maintenance module, the data analysis will be applied to the reliability centered maintenance process, with the aim to optimize the maintenance strategy.
This position acts as an interface between internal fleet operation and maintenance strategy design. There is a strong interaction with other departments and other engineering disciplines, to deliver technical support to customer related questions and identify market potential for aftermarket solutions.
  • Data Processing & Data Cleanliness
    • The Data Analyst makes use of existing IT infrastructure and has access to raw data material and is in full control of retrieving and cleaning up those data for further use.
      • Acquires data from primary or secondary data sources.
      • Can set up data collection systems and data flows allowing her/him/them to continuously work with most recent/relevant data sets.
      • Ensures that raw data gets processed without gaps and unintended data removal.
      • Ensure that data gets cleaned-up with data cleanliness techniques before used, analyzed and displayed.
      • Supports on digitalization of data not handled through databases.
  • Data Modelling & Database management
    • The Data Analyst can work on data modelling and the associated process of formatting specific data into a database.
  • Able to manipulate and control raw data to meet necessary conditions throughout the entire data lifecycle.
  • Ensures that data base content is available for other business functions.
  • Understands exciting data structure and is able to suggest and implement improvements on given data base structures
  • Predictive Model & Machine Learning
    • The Data Analyst makes use of data to support business decisions by Appling sophisticated data models.
      • Apply different machine learning algorithms in different IT environments.
      • High level domain knowledge to develop predictive analytics.
      • Knowledge of different predictive models, e.g. classification model or regression or PTC
      • Works on a clearly defined goal and analyze data to answer very specific business/domain question
      • Collaborates with other business functions for model role out
      • Defines minimum viable products and can define input and output of models
  • Analyzing Data
    • The Data Analyst has knowledge on how to analyze big sets of data.
      • Applies statistical techniques, predive model and other analytic tools
      • Analyze data and can draw conclusions based on high level domain knowledge
      • Support business decisions and answers questions about the business from the context of data.
      • High-level domain knowledge to enable data interpretation.
      • Extremely detail-oriented and can explain large amounts of information in a simple, organized manner
      • Create and formulate key indicators.
      • Analyze and interpret insights and identifies trends.
  • Data display & presentation
    • The Data Analyst has excellent communication and presentation skills.
      • Can develop data visualization as a graphic representation of data used to show trends and insights.
      • Uses methods and tools to share information proactively and ensures that relevant stakeholder have easy access to processed and analysist information.
  • Engineering / Science Degree in Data Sciences Wind, Mechanical, Industrial, Electronics, Telecommunications, Physics, Mathematics, or related Sciences
  • To have relevant technical experience (~5 years) preferably in Power plant/Aerospace/Wind domain and maintenance management experience
  • Maintenance projects industry experience (added Advantage)
  • To have knowledge in industrial communications.
  • To have knowledge in data analysis sciences applied to measure and characterize equipment’s and components performance using programming. Design of analysis models, automation of processes, design of visualizations and KPIs to understand large data sets.
  • To have professional experience with multiple data simulation dashboards and reporting techniques.
  • To have knowledge in databases, SQL (added adv)
  • To be proactive, a good team player, persistent and self-driven, with good communication skills and ability to work in a cross-department matrix environment.
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