Bulldogs Energize Colleges Internship

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Be a part of the Climate Solution!

Are you a student at California State University, Fresno who is interested in energy efficiency and sustainability? Do you want to learn about and contribute to your campus’ climate change solutions? SEI’s Energize Colleges Program and California State University, Fresno are seeking current students of the university for the position of Bulldogs Energize Colleges Intern. Join the Energize Colleges Program to gain real-world experience by contributing to a meaningful project related to sustainability and energy efficiency!

Note that you must be a student at California State University, Fresno to be considered for this internship.

About SEI: Building Leaders For A Resilient World, and Energize Colleges

SEI, is a nonprofit environmental consultancy that builds leaders to drive and accelerate sustainability solutions. For over 25 years, SEI has partnered with schools, communities, and businesses to develop a sustainability leadership pathway from elementary school to early career. The Energize Colleges program helps build a highly qualified energy and sustainability workforce through paid, hands-on internships and fellowships, and academic learning experiences for students to explore sustainability career opportunities.

The four goals of the Energize Colleges Internship Program are to:

  • Develop intern awareness, knowledge, and behavior associated with energy concepts including energy efficiency (internship emphasis), distributed generation, demand response, water efficiency, decarbonization, and zero waste.
  • Develop interns’ technical skills and career readiness by providing training, hands-on experience, and work and/or internship experiences.
  • Provide resources and mentoring to increase interns’ knowledge of energy careers.
  • Develop interns’ skills in the coordination of energy, education, and workforce development projects.

Interns work 150 hours in total at $20 per hour and are expected to assist their site with energy efficiency-related projects and the creation of campus education and outreach materials.

The position starts in February 2024 and concludes no later than May 2024. This is a hybrid position, work is conducted on-site and remotely.

The Bulldogs Energize Colleges Intern will work to develop and facilitate strategic outreach programming based on the recommendations put forth in the university’s recent Human Behavior Energy Audit (HBEA). As part of the university’s effort to implement infrastructure upgrades and efficiency improvements, the Bulldog Infrastructure Group (third-party contactor) also assessed the campus community’s behaviors around different activities that can have an effect on energy usage. After assessing faculty, staff, and student behaviors around energy, recommendations were offered as part of the HBEA to show where the largest impact could be made toward a more energy-efficient campus. The Intern will be expected to read the final HBEA report and develop a plan for which recommendations to act upon. The plan can be crafted with or without the Intern’s preferences for certain recommendations to be carried out. The Intern will also be expected to carry out the outreach for which materials are being developed.

  • Be a currently enrolled graduate or undergraduate student at California State University, Fresno.
  • Be interested in energy efficiency and sustainability.
  • Be able to work and complete tasks in a hybrid setting; about half of the expected work tasks will require the intern to be in person.
  • Be open to communicating with strangers on a weekly basis.
  • Be passionate about making a more sustainable university campus.
  • Either coursework, volunteer work, or experience in any of the following fields: Environmental Science, Architecture, Building Construction, Engineering, HVAC, Real Estate, or Food Service Management.
  • Be able to provide a valid Federal W-9 form, required identification, and authorization for employment.
  • Be an organized self-starter with excellent time management skills
  • Knowledge, familiarity, and/or a strong interest in climate change and energy concepts.
  • Project management or campus organization experience is a bonus, but not required (volunteer work and coursework may count).
  • Strong communication and workplace skills, such as accountability, self-motivation, the ability to work both independently and on teams, respect, openness to giving and receiving feedback, organization, and timeliness.
  • SEI requires all employees to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 with exceptions made for health and/or religious reasons.

SEI is proud to be an equal-opportunity employer and is committed to promoting diversity, inclusion, and equity. We believe that a wide array of perspectives contributes to creative climate solutions where all communities thrive. We strive to reflect diverse communities, especially those most impacted by climate change and other kinds of environmental, social, and economic injustices. Persons of color, persons with disabilities, and members of the LGBTQ community are strongly encouraged to apply.