Production Planning Engineer (Cell)

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The Cell Production Team controls plant production and supervises the manufacturing operation of solar cell production. Production Engineers coordinate production status and equipment downtime according to maintenance and R&D plans. This role organizes production flow, establishes a monthly production plan, and manages production material usage to plan the production budget and material expense accordingly.


1. Production Planning

  • Establish production plan and rolling plan based on plant business plan.
  • Coordinate PO (production order) and product code using the ERP system.
  • Analyze production performance vs. production plan.
  • Respond to irregular downtime that are not reflected on production plan.

2. Production Management

  • Identify erroneous production data, especially in production materials.
  • Ensure production performance corresponds to the financial report.

3. Raw Material Management

  • Manage production material supply and purchase based on production plan.
  • Keep track of production material expense and inventory amount.
  • Manage purchase order and inventory management of consumable goods.

4. Cost Reduction

  • Establish material usage/cost reduction plan and request action plan to the respective department.
  • Review the effectiveness of the material usage/cost reduction plan in action on-site.
  • Analyze the cost trend of raw materials and material usage and establish future expected expenses.

5. Inventory Inspection

  • Plan and conduct inventory inspection plan.
  • Ensure quantity and data of production input matches with the server.
  • Report final inventory report based on inspection.

6. Production Management

  • Establish production management system in environmental and quality perspectives.
  • Optimize production conditions in terms of manpower, equipment, and materials.
  • Confirm data accuracy of production yield, output, and quality, as well as raw materials in stock.
  • Conduct a control action plan for production quality.

7. Production Planning

  • Establish a production plan based on past performance.
  • Manage production and material data on MES (Manufacturing Execution System) and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)
  • Confirm data accuracy of production order and production quantity.
  • Align schedules of preventive maintenance and production testing according to production line status.

8. Production Improvement

  • Investigate and improve issues related to production process, quality, and costs.
  • Regulate standard training and operations of Operators and apply on-site suggestions.
  • Analyze production costs and labor expenses to increase manpower and resource efficiency.

9. All other duties assigned by management or that require immediate attention by Team members.

10. Must acquire a profound knowledge of the solar cell production process.


1. Education & Experience:

  • Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Engineering, Material Science, Chemical Engineering, or related field.
  • Experience:
  • Minimum 3 years of experience in production management.

2. Technical Knowledge:

  • Experience in semiconductor, display manufacturing, or related industry.
  • Strong understanding of production planning and control.
  • Strong understanding of material management.

3. Preferred Requirements:

  • Basic understanding of solar cell production.
  • Analysis skills of SQL or MS Office to interpret data and derive conclusions.
  • Proficiency in ERP systems.

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