Process Technician (Cell - Night Shift)

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Technicians (Shift) of Cell Process Team will play pivotal role in managing real-time process status. Primary purpose of Technicians (Shift) is monitoring production performance on shift-basis and prevent progress of any abnormal production. This role involves checking and ensuring production data and performance of each process and understanding which data fluctuation can be considered as abnormal. Technicians (Shift) will be responsible of maintaining process performance is as expected by Process Engineers. Technicians (Shift) should have understanding of performance parameters, data monitoring system, and production status. Main performance goals of Technicians (Shift) are cell efficiency and production yield, and they will play crucial position in supporting Process Engineers to fulfill these goals as a team.

Main Responsibilities
Main tasks of Cell Process Technicians should include but not limited to the following:
1. Process Management
  • Monitor production performance on shift-bases.
  • Follow standard procedures to remediate any indication of production abnormality.
  • Notify Process Engineers in situation where production abnormality cannot be corrected.
  • Ensure all process is operated in target process parameters and performance.
  • Collect and organize process and production data following established guideline, or per request of Process Engineers.
  • Review whether current process and production are in compliance with standards.
  • Identify production and process standards for new version of products.
  • Adjust process parameters when required or instructed by Process Engineers.
2. Communication
  • Support Process Engineers in preparing data for any issue or regular data analysis.
  • Ensure Team Director and Process Engineers are in knowledge of process status details.
  • Inquire Process Engineers of countermeasures for issues that cannot be rectified by Technicians and execute instructions of Director and Engineers.
3. All other duties as assigned by management.
General Responsibilities
General tasks of Cell Process Technicians should include but not limited to the following:
1. Conduct roles and responsibilities of other Process Technicians in vacancy.
2. Collaborate with other members of the Cell Process Team and relevant departments to coordinate maintenance activities and ensure a holistic approach to facility management.
3. Comply with environmental, health, and safety regulations of Hanwha QCELLS.
4. Responsible to respond to factory in an emergency of all environmental failures, powers, water, fires, or security issues when needed.
5. Able to communicate with all levels of organization. i.e. operations personnel and supervisors, engineering and management staff, state and local inspectors, and outside contractors.
6. All other duties as assigned by management.
1. Educational Background:
  • Associate in science degree in Natural Science related field.
2. Experience:
  • Minimum of 1 year in manufacturing process engineering.
  • Experience in mass production equipment or metrology devices preferred.
3. Technical Knowledge:
  • General knowledge of electrical and mechanical engineering.
  • Basic ability using process equipment and metrology tools.
  • Basic computer skills of SQL and MS Office to collect data.
4. Relevant Certifications preferred.
5. Regulatory Compliance (Preferred):
  • In-depth knowledge of environmental, health, and safety regulations applicable to manufacturing factory.
  • Experience in ensuring compliance with regulatory standards.
6. Fluency in Korean preferred.
Hanwha Q CELLS provides equal employment opportunities (EEO) to all employees and applicants for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, or genetics.