Process Shift Leader (Cell)

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Process Leader of Cell Production will lead manufacturing of assigned process of Solar Cell production. Primary purpose of Process Leader is to orchestrate the day-by-day activities of process operators and ensure that manufacturing operations for each process are executed in accordance with standard procedures. Process Leader will be entrusted with administrating process operations to increase efficiency and guide operators to manage their duties in safe manner. This role involves optimizing time and resource efficiency of operation procedures, minimizing downtime of equipment, and maximizing output production of the process.
Process Leader will be responsible of carrying out plan and command of Cell Production Shift Leader. Such responsibilities not only include process production management, but also material management, safety training, production efficiency improvement activities, etc. Process Leader should have understanding of general operation procedures of the assigned production process and will guide process operators to work in safe and effective manner. Main performance goals of Process Leaders are production output, equipment downtime, and production rework if applied to assigned process. Process Leader will play crucial role in assisting Team Leader and Production Engineers to fulfill these goals as a team.
Main Responsibilities
Main tasks of Cell Production Process Leader should include but not limited to the following:
1. Performance Review
  • Analyze cause of declining performance and establish improvement plans.
  • Check wafer in progress of designated process.
  • Manage production quality of process and execute Out-of-Control Action Plan (OCAP).
2. Materials Management
  • Manage material usage of consumable items, production materials, etc.
  • Manage coordination of cleaning supplies and laundries.
  • Request and report purchase of necessary goods and disposal of disused materials.
3. Labor Management
  • Assign and request number of Operators needed for each process.
  • Ensure safe and efficient workplace environment is provided to Process Leaders and Operators including tools, training, or relations.
  • Conduct daily meetings with Process Leaders.
4. Quality Control
  • Report any occurrence of abnormal quality production trend.
  • Supervise coordination between quality improvement activities and production operations.
  • Establish improvement plans to minimize quality issues caused by human errors.
5. Safety
  • Execute appropriate countermeasures to critical maintenance or safety issues.
  • Safety issue assessment to evaluate response actions and possible improvements.
  • Ensure production environments in maintained cleanly according to QCELLS cleanroom standards.
6. All other duties as assigned by management.
General Responsibilities
General tasks of Cell Production Process Leader should include but not limited to the following:
1. Conduct roles and responsibilities of Process Leader in vacancy.
2. Collaborate with other members of the Cell Equipment Team and relevant departments to coordinate maintenance activities and ensure a holistic approach to facility management.
3. Comply with environmental, health, and safety regulations of Hanwha QCELLS.
4. Responsible to respond to factory in an emergency of all environmental failures, powers, water, fires, or security issues when needed.
5. Able to communicate with all levels of organization. i.e. operations personnel and supervisors, engineering and management staff, state and local inspectors, and outside contractors.
6. All other duties as assigned by management.
7. Regularly report to Shift leader of operation technician on operation progress and issues.
1. Educational Background:
  • Associate in science degree in Engineering related field.
2. Experience:
  • Minimum of 1 year in manufacturing process engineering.
  • Experience in manufacturing plant preferred.
3. Technical Knowledge:
  • General knowledge of semiconductor production.
  • Basic ability using process equipment.
  • Basic computer skills of SQL and MS Office to collect data.
4. Relevant Certifications preferred.
5. Regulatory Compliance (Preferred):
  • In-depth knowledge of environmental, health, and safety regulations applicable to manufacturing factory.
  • Experience in ensuring compliance with regulatory standards.
6. Fluency in Korean preferred.
Hanwha Q CELLS provides equal employment opportunities (EEO) to all employees and applicants for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, or genetics.