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Beijing, China

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25 days ago

Date: 01-Dec-2021

Mainland China, CN

Hong Kong, HK

Korea, KR

Japan, JP

Taiwan, TW

Greenpeace East Asia

Purpose and Scope of the Job
The Design Research Manager is responsible for developing, coordinating, and implementing effective digital research and designing human centered tools to translate cognitive science insights into successful engagement. The position empowers Greenpeace staff and other changemakers around the world (with a focus on the global south) working to create a regenerative and equitable society.

The Design Research Manager works within the Mindworks team, Greenpeace’s cognitive science lab. The unit empowers changemakers to understand how the human mind works and creates tools to help them utilise this knowledge in order to create positive mindset, behaviour, and policy change.

The Design Research Manager leads the design of digital tools for audience empathetic research, conversation-based engagement, and the creation of a changemaker community within the digital space that applies and advances ‘empathetic human centered’ system change.

The key role of the Design Research Manager is to drive innovations that combine cutting edge cognitive insights with fast-evolving digital technologies in order to create digital spaces in which changemakers and their audiences can meet, converse, work and live. Spaces in which conversation and shared experiences can shift narratives and norms, create new identities, and empower people to manage difficult feelings like grief, anxiety, or guilt.

One of the role's main objectives will be to empower changemakers to respond quicker and more effectively during crises and disasters, capitalising on the potential of these moments of disruption to shift mindsets and wider change.

Another of the position's objectives is to increase the reach and impact of Mindworks by growing its community of engaged changemakers and empowering them to increase their own reach and impact. Therefore, this role also creates and maintains strong, diverse networks with relevant experts, innovators and changemakers. The Design Research Manager also manages multiple staff and freelancers that support her, his, their mission and objectives.

The position is to build and lead a team of staff and freelancers to support the delivery of her/his objectives. (L3/L4)

Job responsibilities

  • Design Audience Empathetic Research to enable the design of effective engagement tools
  • Develop audience research tools that allow changemakers to orient quickly in the early phase of a disruption.
  • Design research that provides data that can be used publicly to help changemakers to engage with audiences to shift their mindsets.
  • Design research that provides data allowing us to understand the mindset shifts, especially shifts in narratives, norms, values, identities, and emotions within an audience.
  • Design research that allows changemakers to monitor their impact on the mindset of their audiences.

  • Design digital spaces in which changemakers can stimulate conversations with their audiences or conversations between different members of their audiences.
  • Design scalable conversations in the digital space
  • Design community spaces in which changemakers can co create and support each other.
  • Design community spaces that allow for conversations on difficult emotions like grief, guilt or anxiety.
  • Design community spaces and digital tools to support changemakers and communities to recover from disasters, build resilience and foster mitigation.
  • Create tools and strategies to empower changemakers to counter trolling and fake news.
  • Create effective interfaces between these spaces and the physical world to catalyse system change.

  • Design and support training to empower changemakers to use the designed research, tools and spaces.
  • Develop self-learning spaces to enable changemakers to engage and learn the insights and tools developed by Mindworks

  • Mindworks works as an “agile” team following a Scrumming framework. The position is expected to take on roles as a member of the scrum team, product owner (L3/L4) or scrum master. She, he, they are required to participate in sprint design, standup meetings review and retrospective.
  • As a member of the Mindworks leadership, the Design Research Manager will be involved in deciding which projects Mindworks will prioritise and how Mindworks’ resources are spent. (L3/L4 only)

  • Taking pride and initiative in developing Mindworks’ vision and mission and shaping the future of the organisation inside and outside of Greenpeace.
  • Building and leading a growing team of staff and freelancers. Ensuring that they can participate in the design of how Mindworks empowers changemakers around the world.
Competencies Profile Act with integrity Build Networks (internal & external) Champion for Change Demonstrate Expertise Develop Plans Influence Others (internal & external) Make Decisions Manage Others Strategic Thinking Strive for Result & Quality Work with Others Skills and Expertise required Specific Work Environment
  • The person would be a member of the core team of Mindworks of currently consisting of six people
  • The core team is currently based in five countries. This is a remote working position and so the person will be most likely working from a private space or optionally from a Greenpeace office if it is close by. Either way, the working spaces will be digital.
  • The main tools we use to enable teamwork are Zoom, Jira, Miro, Google and Slack
  • We encourage reduced working hours and cherish a good work-life balance in our team, supporting our need for flexibility, resilience, and responsiveness.
  • We cherish gender, age and cultural diversity.
  • A person with strong skills and experience in designing digital research and tools
  • Who has experience in social media listening and digital community/space design
  • A person driven by curiosity with the ability to take risks and experiment to create innovation
  • A person eager to be part of the design of an innovative, nonprofit garage project and who is ambitious to co-lead its growth and success.A person who has worked with design thinking methodologies.
  • A person who has worked agile.
  • A person that shares our team values of mutual support and shared responsibilities.
  • A person that shares the values of Greenpeace and Mindworks.
  • Who has a good sense of humor, enjoying the opportunities and challenges of a multicultural team and partners.
  • Willing to work remotely in a team that is distributed through multiple countries with some flexibility on working hours.
  • A person living in Asia, Africa, or Europa. To not challenge the times zone planning of our team meetings too much, we presently need to exclude applicants living in the Americas.
  • We preferably look for people from the Global South.