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Job Description Summary

Responsible for activities related to the construction, building and commissioning on customer site, from site mobilization, through civil, erection and commissioning work, as well as management activities related to this scope. Impacts departmental operations and responsible for planning/execution. The role has some autonomy but is focused on execution of activities within an operating discipline covered by standard functional practices and procedures. Some judgment may be required but this is typically with guidance.

Job Description

Job Description
Remote surveillance and commissioning of offshore wind turbines generators.

Recognize abnormal system operating conditions and respond timely to field upset conditions and alarms.

Able to effectively operate the power assets (commissioning, remote troubleshooting…).

Escalate and communicate to the next level when remote troubleshooting is not effective ensuring to provide any relevant information to aid in additional support.

Proficiently communicate and provide recommendations through analysis, preparation, and presentation of technical material to internal and external customers via written and/or verbal communication.

Responsible for technical aspects within the ROC, leading and supporting ROC operators in the daily operations.

Work with the technical support team to solve technical issues and look for improvement points.

Maintain constant contact with the site team to manage the technical activities between the ROC and site, as well as to have a clear overview of the operations being performed on each wind turbine generator.

Review and modify if needed test run reports to ensure the correct delivery to the customer.

Detect improvement points in the ROC processes to provide a better service.

Keep the information of the notifications created updated and organized and monitor the notifications for customer requests taking the necessary actions.

Coordination of planned and unplanned intervention from ROC.

Follow ROC procedures to drive standardized global practices.
Comply with applicable GE standards and procedures.

Accountable for safe, reliable, and compliant daily operations for all sites.

Report, log, analyze and maintain accurate records of system conditions and daily operations.

Performs other duties as assigned.

Required knowledge and characteristics

Bachelor’s degree or Master’s in engineering related degree, or 3+ years relevant work experience in the wind sector.

Previous experience on site with a high technical level in wind turbine generators.

Previous experience as a remote operator is a plus.

Able to read electrical schematics and to provide remote support to the technicians on site.

Ability to assess risks and resolve problems in a timely manner.
Attentive, ready, and able to respond to any normal, abnormal, or emergency situations.

A first offshore wind experience will be appreciated.
Must be willing to be on-call to provide support if needed.

Must be willing to travel, mainly for training purposes.

Experience demonstrating skill handling multiple tasks simultaneously at various stages of completion.

Ability to communicate detailed information accurately to internal and external customers.

Ability to conduct meetings with different project stakeholders.
Proven experience on reporting, documentation management, NCR management.

Advanced computer skills including experience in SCADA system operations, MS Office, etc.

Ability to prepare and follow Tests and documentation check lists, test plans.
Fluent in English (Spoken & Written). Spanish is a plus.

Ability to work with multicultural/multidiscipline teams.

Assist to train new employees when requested.

Teamwork and communicative.

Desired knowledge and characteristics
3+ years' experience in control room operation, preferably in a field related to wind power generation.
A good base of offshore wind turbine generator (a mix of mechanical and electrical experience is desirable).

Experience in wind turbines commissioning and projects preparation.
Determination in the execution of work, with an ability to manage multiple and potentially conflicting priorities.
Ideal candidate must be enthusiastic, self-motivated, results-oriented and operate well in a collaborative, team environment.

Ability to work in a dynamic, fast-paced environment and to adapt quickly to changing priorities, as well as be accepting of change management.

Analytical abilities to collect, evaluate numerical data and complete both internal and external reporting.

Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
Mark VIe experience will be a plus.

Ability to work within structured work methods.

Positive mindset with excellent verbal and written communication skills.

Additional Information

Relocation Assistance Provided: No