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Partner Engagement Manager

CONTRACT Fixed-term APPLY BY 13 May 2022 SALARY Competitive for Not-for-Profit-Organization START DATE As soon as possible LOCATION Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Hungary, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Slovenia, Spain APPLY NOW


EIT Climate-KIC (Knowledge and Innovation Community) is Europe’s foremost climate innovation initiative. Our mission is to leverage the power of innovation to build a zero-carbon, climate-resilient, just, and inclusive society. EIT Climate-KIC’s strategy, Transformation, in Time, responds to the need for a 1.5° aligned, systemic approach to reversing global warming and developing climate resilience, commensurate with the complexity, scale and requisite pace of response to the climate challenge.

Established in 2010 and headquartered in Amsterdam, we orchestrate a community of more than 400 organisations comprised of large corporations and SMEs, municipal and regional governments, universities and research institutes, as well as non-governmental organisations and uncommon actors. We operate out of 13 hubs across Europe and conduct activities in 39 countries globally. We are an organisation of circa 160 people. Our main interaction with each other is via virtual collaboration tools.

How will you help us achieve Transformation in Time?

At Climate-KIC We are here to create change in complex systems, and you are here to be part of the team that empowers people to change systems, delivering a prosperous, inclusive, climate resilient society with a circular, net-zero economy.

To deliver our strategy, we need a wealth of talent to work together across our innovation objectives. As a Partner Engagement Manager, you are working in Enabling Services, who together enable the organisation to deliver innovation that creates the change we have committed to, meet our funders’ needs, and support our partners and community to work seamlessly alongside us.

Enabling Services are here to ensure we reach innovation outcomes as seamlessly as possibly, to minimize the time taken to manage our grants, and to support the organization to deliver our projects more effectively. We need to do this flexibly and scaleably across a portfolio that changes as we engage new demand owners, secure new funders and rise to new challenges. Professional delivery through the lifecycle of grant funding is a key capability our organisation needs throughout our work to deliver our strategy, and Enabling Services are core to this capability.

The Partner Engagement Manager role is a critical interface with our community and partners through the full lifecycle of their engagement with EIT Climate-KIC. As a Partner Engagement Manager you will be pivotal in creating a positive partner experience, from the initial engagement with EIT Climate-KIC, through the on-boarding process, to supporting partners through the annual lifecycle of working with us. The ‘Partner Engagement’ is not accidental – you work as a partner with our community providing strategic guidance on how to make the most of their relationship with EIT Climate-KIC

Which team will welcome you?

You will be welcomed into the Enabling Services community, who provide the professional services needed to run our business, from finance and operations, to legal and procurement. Within Enabling Services, you will work in the Community Desk team playing a key role facilitating commercial and strategic partnerships, beginning with the application and onboarding stage and directly supporting partners throughout the lifecycle of their partnership with Climate-KIC. You will focus on processes and guidance that will nurture and create a strong relationship with our partners and ensuring that all

of our teams are providing effective and accurate guidance and support to the partners they work with on their projects.

You will also share responsibility for the maintenance and development of all policies and processes, databases and documents in relation to partnership management, covering the following core processes:

Community engagement: Working with the Communications team, build a multi-channel communication approach to provide effective information to partners, community members, and the broader ecosystem of organisations we work with. This includes completing the transition our communications from email to active Community and Partner blogs, and providing consistent messaging to the community, particularly around key events such as reporting and business planning.

Partner identification: Our teams are continually seeking partners who can fill the gaps in our capabilities and portfolio. The Community Desk will work with our innovation and interface teams to identify gaps in our partnership such as capability, geographic coverage or impact alignment. The Community Desk will seek out organisations to fill these gaps, and work across EIT Climate-KIC to build the relationships with those organisations.

Partner application: Once we have identified a partner, the Community Desk will manage the partner application process. With new funders on the horizon, this process will need to be updated to incorporate a broader partnership, across EIT and for other funders. This will need a well-structured process, working closely with the legal team to ensure we have up to date documentation, as well as ensuring we manage the process through our tools and keep all partner data up to date.

Partner onboarding: Once an organisation has successfully applied to be a partner, the Community Desk will provide training and guidance for the grant processes that the partner needs to follow, using multiple channels to deliver training, provide guidance documentation and assess partner capability. Partners who are assessed as having a high delivery risk will be given additional training.

Delivery engagement: As partners work on projects, the Community Desk will orchestrate across our teams to build a narrative of project progress, capture data, and create the foundations for reporting throughout the year. This is a critical transition to reduce

workload in the reporting cycle, and to provide valuable insight into project performance throughout the year. The team will also support partners and Climate-KIC teams through reporting and business planning, with training and guidance, and through building and curating peer-to-peer expertise sharing.

Business as Usual: Throughout the year, partners and the community have numerous questions, they need to update their data, or they just want to know what is going on. The Community Desk is the primary interface for this first line engagement and will work to move the communications from email and 1:1, into a blog environment, with self-service capability and community peer-to-peer support. We will also measure partner satisfaction and actively seek feedback regularly through the year to improve our processes.

Partner termination and off-boarding : When a partner decides to terminate their membership, we need to close out the relationship and ensure that we have all of the necessary documentation in place to close reporting with that partner, and to meet our funder obligations

You have outstanding capabilities in:

  • Communication : You will be working with many different people across the organization, at times of high pressure. Your communication capabilities are vital to ensure your stakeholders are bought into the work we do together, understand complex processes, and work effectively with you.
  • Collaboration: In Enabling Services, we work across many different teams in the organisation, often at times of pressure. Working in collaboration means understanding the needs of the people you are working with, AND ensuring they understand your needs. It requires a joint commitment which you need to broker to ensure that we get the job done and achieve the outcomes we need.
  • Leadership : We are working in a fast-moving environment, with multiple needs, sometimes in conflict with each other. Your leadership is an essential ingredient in our success – Inspiring the teams you work with, supporting your colleagues, showing the way, providing constructive challenge, and taking bold decisions.
  • Management: We have multiple deadlines, deliverables and dependencies across the work that we do, and multiple stakeholders we need to co-ordinate with. We must manage risks and issues across workstreams, balance resources, and ensure we hold our accountabilities clearly.
  • Relationship Management: Building and maintainingeffective cross-organisational working relationships as a business partner will underpin your success. Relationship management for enabling services requires a strong understanding of the roles your stakeholders are playing, and the ability to ensure they commit to the processes we are jointly working through. We are not a support function, we are an enabling service that works in partnership, so building collaborative relationships is critical.
  • Analytical problem solver : You will face bumps in the road every day, situations we have not faced before. You will ned to be comfortable working with colleagues to find options and be able to facilitate across teams to agree solutions.
  • Negotiation: There are rarely easy answers in what we do. The combination of innovation ambition and grant funding terms and conditions creates tension. Negotiating through this and reaching solutions that enable us to achieve our innovation objectives and at the same time meet or exceed our funders’ expectation, is a skill you will use every day.
  • Complex Process orchestration . Our funders’ requirements must be met by following the conditions of our contracts with them, defined in the setup, management and closure of our contracts. For example, the grant lifecycle of EIT requires us to set up and manage processes that must meet the regulations that EIT work under, demonstrably fulfil the legal terms we have signed up to, and ensure that we achieve the innovation and financial outcomes we set out for our partners and EIT Climate-KIC.
  • Project management: Across enabling services, we manage large complex workloads, such as reporting on the EIT grant, business planning, performance reviews, portfolio implementation etc. These are all projects, with defined outcomes and often hard deadlines. Being able to plan and manage projects is a capability that underpins your success.

You have good capabilities in:

  • Communication and relationship building: You will use your relationship management skills to build a two-way understanding of the role of the Community Desk across our partners, community and within Climate-KIC. You will also need to feel comfortable acting in a distributed ecosystem, including successfully influencing partners and colleagues to align around the partner experience.
  • Service Level management: You will provide guidance, oversight, and track the performance of the service level agreement with our partners. You will need to help operationalise the agreement, put in place management processes, and implement monitoring mechanisms to ensure we are delivering on our commitment to the community efficiently and effectively. Data and analytics: You will be working in an environment with data from multiple sources, that needs to be analysed and presented back for decision making. You need to be confident working with data, using tools including Excel, SalesForce, PowerBI and others to analyse data, and in creating actionable intelligence through your analysis. Workload management : The lifecycle of our granting and partner engagement brings peak workloads at different points of the year, from the partner application process and partner off-boarding, to the annual grant reporting cycle, including project selection and sense-making processes. You will need to manage your own workloads, support members of your teams to do the same, and focus on critical tasks in order to meet deadlines. Taking initiative: Continuously improve and identifying opportunities for learning: the way we do things and the user experience Prototyping and experimenting: Looking for opportunities to improve how we work, leverage our technology platforms, and find efficiencies that can be shared across the organisation. Explaining and translating complex ideas and processes: What our funders ask of us does not always align with what we want to do and can be complex and difficult to explain to audiences who are not familiar with this environment.

Typical tasks may include:

Continuous improvement

  • Lead a continuous improvement programme for the Community Desk function and develop and champion new ways of working or new processes within
  • the Community Desk team and interfaces with other enabling services.
  • Manage evolving external funder requirements, policies, regulations and procedures and ensures practices, policies, and procedures are updated and EIT Climate-KIC people and partner community are made aware and trained appropriately.

Partner Service Level Agreement and Communication

  • Create and deliver initiatives that continue to evolve partner communications, including systems tooling to introduce variety, effectiveness, and an enhanced end-user experience.
  • Act as content expert on multiple funder requirements, with a current focus on Horizon Europe Annotated Grant Agreement (AGA), FPA, SGA, (EIT) FPA Entry and Exit Guidelines, Climate-KIC Call Guidelines, CKIC financial ‘rules of the game’ etc;

Partner application and processes

  • Manage Climate-KIC partnership application and onboarding processes; including liaising with and advising prospective partner organisations on the benefits and obligations of partnership
  • Ensure new partner applications and partner exits are complete, follow the appropriate approvals framework, and be responsible for all partner contracting (under Community Agreement and FPA/SGA).

What will our teams rely on you for?

As well as the typical tasks outlined above:

  • Effectively collaborating across Enabling Services and with programme teams to support and advise on funder requirements, particularly in relation to EIT due to the level of complexity of partner on-boarding, off-boarding, and reporting.
  • Keeping our partner community informed and activated to respond to new funding opportunities and important milestones in the EIT Climate-KIC business cycle.
  • Understanding the performance level of our service delivery to our partner community and collaboratively seeking ways to efficiently and effectively improve the systems, processes, and behaviors.

You bring the following mindset:

  • Proactive
  • Service-oriented attitude
  • Problem solver, bringing creative solutions to complicated problems.
  • Get stuff done.
  • Complete the job.
  • Ability to keep the big picture in mind while focusing on the detail and complexities of implementation
  • Good enough is sometimes good enough.
  • Analytical with attention to detail and ability to learn quickly
  • System thinking – observing and responding to portfolio and business interconnectivity
  • Diplomatic, seeking ways to resolve often difficult questions within the framework of policies, procedures and compliance.
  • Resilience; saying no respectfully but firmly; holding the line on compliance, rules, regulations, whilst being creative.

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