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Overview of Organization:

Earth Forward Group, LLC (EFG) is a woman-owned small business incorporated in the State of Connecticut, with offices throughout New England and New York. The company was formed in New Haven, CT in 2015 and provides workforce development training, sustainability consulting, program design and management, business development, and marketing & outreach services to public, private, and nonprofit entities related to energy efficiency, renewable energy, weatherization, building performance and sustainability management.

EFG was developed by a group of graduate students with a shared interest in building a more sustainable future. Increasingly we see that clients are looking for innovative, bespoke solutions for their businesses that consider the human and environmental impact of their operations.

Federal policies are increasingly supporting the development of these solutions. Our planet has never had so many inhabitants, communities are connected like never before and technology is driving change and threatening traditional industries. There is a constant state of flux, from regulatory policy to weather events. To that end, we observed a need for EFG to help organizations navigate societal complexities and proactively manage risk.

Program Overview:

Construction related industries are facing a mass retirement over the next five years. Simultaneously, the country has committed to improving our infrastructure and buildings in an effort to reduce resource consumption and carbon emissions and their impact on climate change. To accomplish these goals, the construction industry needs to increase its workforce as well as increase the knowledge of sustainable building standards to put into practice. Presently, there is a labor shortage and in order to accomplish our building performance goals we will need to educate, train and recruit the next generation workers. Stakeholders are turning their focus to the weatherization workforce training partnerships to attract participants and promote these good paying high performance construction jobs. EFG is a consulting group which conducts research for the design and implementation of workforce development training programs for sustainability related careers. In many cases, EFG is also the implementer and manager for these programs. We also conduct a market analysis of such programs.

Job Description:

EFG is looking for a Technical Writer to join the team as we enter our next phase of growth with these programs. This primarily involves developing and executing our programmatic proposals and reports in line with broader organizational growth.

The ideal candidate will be an experienced and highly organized professional with a passion for the job and for the mission of EFG. They will be a skilled writer with technical knowledge of weatherization industry trends, workforce strengthening programs, and climate resilience science. Duties may include, but are not limited to:

  • Technical and report writing of key client proposals, program expansion plans, design frameworks, and other programmatic reporting as needed.
  • Serving as subject matter expert and technical writer on critical programming, such as curriculum development for workforce weatherization programs and other climate resilience programs as they arise.
  • Conducting research related to relevant subject matter to develop organizational knowledge and fluency on topics, market trends, and client feedback to inform design decisions.
  • Monitoring & evaluation of programs, including data collection, analysis, and fulfilling client reporting requirements.
  • Other duties as assigned.

Desired skills and experience:

  • Excellent writing skills for technical reports, monitoring and evaluation reports, and program proposals.
  • Strong analytical skills and ability to clean, analyze, and report on data findings
  • Strong communication skills and ability to present to external stakeholders
  • Knowledge of climate resilience efforts in the US and weatherization industry standards; OSHA and BPI certifications are ideal.
  • Fluency in MS Office software.
  • Bachelor's degree required, ideally in environmental science or related subject matter.
  • Master’s degree in related subject matter preferred.

Compensation: This role will be paid $30 - $35/ hour depending on qualifications and experience, with a maximum of 30 hours allotted per week as a contractor of Earth Forward Group.

Interested candidates must send a resume and cover letter to tiffany@earthforwardgroup.comwith the subject [name, position].