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About the Organization

ClimateWorks Foundation is a global organization committed to our mission: to end the climate crisis by amplifying the power of philanthropy. Since our founding in 2008, we have awarded over $1.3 billion in grants to more than 600 organizations advancing climate solutions around the world. We helped grow the field of climate philanthropy to where it stands today, establishing infrastructure, global networks, and momentum for continued growth. Through our Global Programs and Services, we equip philanthropy with global knowledge, networks, and solutions to drive climate progress.

Scaling solutions: Our collaborative Global Programs — focused on solution areas including carbon dioxide removal, cooling, industry, transportation, governance and diplomacy, and more — produce results that are bending the greenhouse gas emissions curve. From the U.S. to Europe, China, Brazil, and beyond, we collaborate with a diverse community of funders, NGOs, and climate leaders to accelerate just and equitable climate solutions.
Guiding and supporting funders: Our Global Services provide funders with comprehensive resources to assess, build, evolve, and execute high-impact climate-giving strategies. Our Global Intelligence service equips funders and the climate community with climate insights to pinpoint opportunities for impact and philanthropic insights to help identify investment priorities. We facilitate Global Collaborations that enable funders to increase individual and collective impact. Our Global Grantmaking services enable funders to invest in climate solutions around the world.
Fostering collaboration, exploration, and growth: Our collaborative approach and commitment to learning ensures that we continuously explore innovative ideas and emerging opportunities — all with the aim of scaling philanthropy-supported initiatives to help end the climate crisis.

As experts in climate science, public policy, economic and social analysis, and strategic philanthropy, ClimateWorks’ staff understands the multi-faceted challenges and opportunities of climate change. We are researchers, strategists, collaborators, and grantmakers who care passionately about our mission. For more information, please visit

Global Intelligence and Climate Philanthropy

ClimateWorks’ Global Intelligence identifies high-impact opportunities for philanthropy to enable deep cuts in greenhouse gas emissions. By applying our experience, expertise, and analysis to unique datasets on climate and philanthropy, we help individuals and organizations work with the speed and scale that the climate crisis requires. We work alongside a global network of funders, grantees, researchers, and other partners to build unique datasets that shed light on how philanthropy can have the greatest possible impact on alleviating the climate crisis.

ClimateWorks’ Global Intelligence supports funders at every stage of their climate giving journey, from learning about the basics, to identifying opportunities, taking decisive action, and tracking progress. In addition to supporting climate funders, Global Intelligence also supports researchers and climate-focused NGO networks to access cutting-edge data and tools, convene stakeholders, generate insights to serve the climate community, and take action.

Job Summary

We are seeking a new team member who will work as a product manager focused on ensuring the ideation, development, and delivery of donor-focused products that build on the datasets, analysis, and research generated and maintained by the Global Intelligence team. The person will work in a matrixed environment, with a strong culture of collaboration, communication, transparency, trust, encouragement and learning. They will closely collaborate with ClimateWorks development and marketing/communications teams, as well as cross-functionally with ClimateWorks programs and ClimateWorks partners such as the Climate Leadership Initiative.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

Working with the Director of the Global Intelligence team and other team members, the Product Manager will be responsible for developing and coordinating the Global Intelligence product roadmap, and the day-to-day management of product development and delivery. Specific responsibilities will include:

Product Development

Develop and oversee the creation of standing eighteen month Global Intelligence product roadmap, working with Global Intelligence team members, ClimateWorks Development team, and ClimateWorks Marketing/communications teams to iterate and update once a quarter.
Write, design, and/or oversee the creation of general Global Intelligence introductory materials, collateral, presentations, and other assets for donor and funder audiences;
Prepare background materials, briefing notes and presentations for the leadership at the Foundation and/or external audiences related to the full suite of available and forthcoming Global Intelligence products and services.


Coordinate across Global Intelligence team to provide written communication materials internally and externally on Global Intelligence products, services, and related insights.
Build compelling narratives and ensure they proliferate throughout Global Intelligence products and services, considering strategy, format, messaging, and tone
Develop and execute on a plan to utilize the suite of Global Intelligence products to build ClimateWorks’ Global Intellligence thought leadership and brand within the climate mitigation funding community and the climate action and research community;
Work with other teams at ClimateWorks to ensure alignment between philanthropic funding, Climateworks grant-making programs, and Global Intelligence products and services, and to identify and cultivate the interests of new funders.

Project Management

Manage contractors and freelance communications professionals (e.g., writers, editors, designers) as needed, managing relationships that support the development of high-quality products and to deliver on the Global Intelligence suite of products;
Coordinate internal activities related to the Global Intelligence suite of products and services, including scheduling regular check-ins with associated staff working on individual products;
Prepare monitoring and reporting outputs; supporting key processes and maintaining appropriate internal systems and databases to track Global Intelligence product development, reach, uptake, and impact;

The nature of the role will provide a unique management and coordination structure for this role. The Project Manager will:

Report to the Director of Global Intelligence at ClimateWorks;
Stay in frequent contact with Global Intelligence team members, for individual components of the product roadmap;
Liaise closely with our ClimateWorks Development and Marketing/Communications teams; and with the Programs team as needed;
Engage with external partners as requested
Compensation and Location

ClimateWorks offers an excellent benefits package and a competitive salary that is commensurate with experience. ClimateWorks Foundation is based in the San Francisco Financial District. This position is classified as US Flexible. Exceptional candidates can work from the SF office or from other locations, geographic differential applied to compensation based on local cost of labor.

To Apply

ClimateWorks Foundation is an equal opportunity employer and welcomes a diverse candidate pool. The Foundation recognizes diversity as an asset essential to accomplishing its work and views diversity as encompassing differences in race and gender, as well as age, national origin, disability, sexual orientation, job skills, education, and geographic location. All qualified candidates are encouraged to apply as soon as possible.


The most qualified candidates for this position will possess:
Experience developing written and presentation materials for donor and funder audiences.
Strong project management skills, ideally in a non-profit or foundation context.
Excellent relationship management skills.
Ability to work successfully and contribute to a team while operating in a virtual or hybrid environment.
Experience with climate change mitigation policy, research, science, and/or impacts.
Proficiency with project management tools, Microsoft Office, Google Sites, and Salesforce/Fluxx is preferable.
At least 7 years relevant working experience.
University degree in a climate or environmental science, technology or policy, or other relevant field.

ClimateWorks offers an excellent benefits package and a competitive salary that is commensurate with experience (geographic differential applied based on location).

Healthcare Plans:
Multiple options available through Kaiser & UHC

HMO - 100% coverage for employee and dependents
POS - Employee pays difference beyond HMO coverage (3 out of 4 POS options are at 100% coverage for employee and dependents)
Dental –100% coverage for employee and dependents
Vision – 100% coverage for employee and dependents

Fertility Benefit

Fertility care through Carrot Fertility. Access to on-demand doctor-approved content, pregnancy support, and virtual chats with medical, legal, and regulatory experts.

Disability Benefit (long and short-term)

Life Insurance (3x base salary up to $750k for employee only)


20 days (1st year)
25 days (2nd - 8th year)
30 days (9th year)


11 Observed and 2 floating

401k Plan

After 6 months of service, CWF automatically contributes 9% of gross earnings per pay period to retirement fund*
After 6 months of service, CWF matches 100% of employee contributions up to a max of 6% of gross earnings per pay period*