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Climate Action Systems is a not-for-profit organization uniting efforts to resolve the climate crisis by creating a powerful network of impact. Our Planet app is a platform that connects its users with people, ideas and resources to help them make progress towards their climate goals. Our mission is to reverse climate change in a single generation through the connective and catalyzing power of Planet. Our focus is on community activation—creating effective collaboration among disparate groups and individuals pursuing a climate goal that none can reach alone.


We are seeking our first Executive Director! As the fourth member of our founding team, you will lead us from our initial app development and pilot phases, to Planet’s expansion as a transformational climate action tool worldwide.

Who you are: You are both an inspiring and powerful visionary, and a wildly effective manager. You can paint the future, while also attending to the minutiae that make this canvas come to life. Through your profound people-skills, you actively grow our network of users, advocates, and funders in each and every interaction. As an experienced leader, you define success across two vectors: one external and one internal. Externally, you chart an ever-iterating-course towards Planet’s global impact on the climate crisis writ large. Internally, you are laser-focused on developing the health and sustainability – both in human and fiscal terms – of Climate Action Systems as an organization.

What you love, and what you do so well: You hit the ground listening. Learning is one of your favorite pastimes, and you prefer close collaboration and walking in the unknown alongside your team, to setting a fixed path solo and ensuring your colleagues follow it. You take great joy in networking and storytelling, and you bring individuals and organizations into Planet’s orbit through your compelling articulation of Planet’s power and potential. You are flexible, able to rapidly adapt your thinking and your actions to emerging demands, and while you have a strong sense of direction, you feel comfortable managing in quick iterations. You are not troubled by the challenge of addressing a very nascent market, but invigorated by its openness and possibilities.

In this role, you thrive in the following major buckets of work:

Leading Our Organization: You enjoy building and running a new organization as a collaborative and agile endeavor. You feel comfortable in a nonprofit context, and you are fluent in its operations. You focus on innovating to make an impact.

In particular, you:

  • Vision in collaboration with our Board and founding team.
  • Manage others towards professional growth, with a keen eye on implementation and follow-through.
  • Network relentlessly to initiate meaningful collaborations with both potential funders, and the individuals and organizations for whom Planet could be a transformational tool.
  • Budget with a healthy balance of optimism and pragmatism.
  • Focus on meaningful collaborations, initiatives, and opportunities that have the potential to yield transformative outcomes.

Raising Our Funds: You know how to cultivate supporters and formalize financial commitments to our organization. You genuinely enjoy connecting with potential funders and helping them first understand, and then support a new kind of breakthrough solution to the climate crisis that makes an impact in an unusual way.

In particular, you:

  • Develop relationships quickly and deeply by listening deeply to potential funders’ aspirations and connecting the dots between these goals and power of Planet.
  • Network relentlessly, viewing every interaction as a chance to introduce individuals and organizations to the power of Planet, thereby constantly growing the platform’s use and recognition.
  • Persuade any audience to see the power of Planet, on their terms.
  • Pursue a range of opportunities including responding to formal RFPs, pursuing angel funders, connecting with impact investors, and landing support from atypical sources.

Leading Our People: You have exceptional emotional intelligence in both in-person, and virtual settings. You understand adult development, and you know how to build healthy and productive teams. You hold your staff to clear and high expectations, and you provide the structured supports and conditions necessary for these expectations to be met.

In particular, you:

  • Build virtual teams and organizational culture grounded in our four essential practices of kindness, fairness, dedication and integrity.
  • Facilitate generative community building and intense productivity in every interaction from a quick 3-minute check-in call, to a multi-hour strategy session, to a formal quarterly evaluation, to a fundraising dinner.
  • Manage by creating a space to both unleash creative innovation, and generate outstanding execution.
  • Supervise with both support and transparency by setting clear and high metrics for excellence, providing clear progress-monitoring tools, and coupling supervision with co-constructed learning plans for all staff.

Building Our User Base: You are a spokesperson, skilled in explaining new possibilities, and inspirational in narrating what is possible. You introduce the potential and the power of Planet in every virtual and in-person context and configuration, from one individual user to global networks.

In particular, you:

  • Market Planet at every opportunity through genuine enthusiasm, a sprinkle of opportunism, and a clear strategy for communication, outreach, and follow-up.
  • Partner with individuals, organizations, networks and platforms to generate the publicity needed to drive use.
  • Communicate the power of Planet relentlessly through live video conferencing, social media, blogs, and articles.

Nurturing Our Culture: You realize the above while nurturing and nourishing our organizational culture, striving to live into four essential practices that make possible the inherent collaboration and collective action our mission demands:

  • Kindness: Kindness means treating each other – and everyone we interact with - with respect. At its most simple, kindness is treating others the way we would like to be treated. To arrive at this practice, we develop our skills as empathic listeners, humble teammates, and culturally competent individuals.
  • Fairness: Fairness means seeking justice and equality for all people. Fairness is actively dismantling systemic oppression through our individual and collective actions. To arrive at this practice, we build our understanding of the social systems of which we are a part, the role of our own and others’ social locations in these systems, and the ways we can transform these systems in pursuit of justice and equality.
  • Dedication: Dedication means commitment to our work. To arrive at this practice, we give our best effort in our work because we understand the potential of our work to transform our lives, the lives of others across the world, and our planet.
  • Integrity: Integrity is the sum of our practices. Integrity means that we seek to be trustworthy through kindness, fairness, and dedication. To arrive at this practice, we choose, at every moment, to be honest in all our endeavors.

While these may seem like modest practices, they are at the center of our shared human condition, and when enacted, they empower us to be the most generative versions of ourselves.


Wherever you please! Climate Action Systems is an entirely remote organization.


Climate Action Systems offers a competitive salary and benefits package. Our benefits include medical, dental, vision, long-term disability, and life insurance; a 403(b) plan, including an employer match after 1 year of service; 20 days of paid holiday/vacation time as a first-year employee; 10 sick days; time off to vote; and leaves of absence in compliance with federal law, as well as the employee’s local and state laws.


Climate Actions Systems is fiercely committed to diversity, equity and inclusion as an organization, and as an essential part of its mission to catalyze positive climate action for individuals and communities across the globe. We are building a diverse team that shares our values, and we strongly encourage candidates from historically marginalized and historically under-represented groups to apply.

TO APPLY To apply, please upload your resume and cover letter to our Google Form Application here: https://forms.gle/Yitu3bqx2NYyj2n66