Energy Engineer - Energy Efficiency - South Africa

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We’re looking for an A-type Energy Engineer, someone who has a passion for energy optimisation and energy efficiency. You have at least 2+ years of experience in the renewabel energy industry.  Our client’s lean team of energy professionals has several energy efficiency projects in pipeline, each of which offers a new opportunity to hone your skillset in a market that is quickly gaining momentum on a global scale. Your experience with energy measurement and verification, energy management and decarbonisation, and energy auditing makes you perfect for this role. If you have a working knowledge of the section 12L energy efficiency tax incentive, you get a gold star. Being in the business of energy management and efficiency, our client is looking for a team member with excellent data analysis skills, strong technical abilities, and interpersonal skills that make you a customer favourite. Ready to join a team focused on successfully delivering sustainable energy solutions? Apply now! Interested in finding out more about AltGen and want to receive updates on new industry-relevant job roles? Then follow our LinkedIn page and subscribe to our mailer.