Investor Relations Executive - Renewables - UAE

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Are you a pro at managing and raising billions? We’re talking about large-scale, multi-billion-dollar funds. We're seeking a seasoned Investor Relations Executive with over 10 years of experience. You’ve successfully navigated the energy and infrastructure markets, managing multi-billion-dollar funds. Your established network of respected industry stakeholders highlights your commitment to strong professional relationships. As a natural negotiator, you excel at pitching in ways that resonate with institutional investors, sovereign wealth funds, and high-net-worth individuals. You are well-versed in the intricacies of international tax regulations, transactions, and can develop a comprehensive risk profile for investments. Show us why our client should trust you with their millions. Apply now! Interested in finding out more about AltGen and want to receive updates on new industry-relevant job roles? Then follow our LinkedIn page and subscribe to our mailer.